RELEASE – 19th December 2018

RAVE Contractor Help Guide

  • Contractors now have a self guide (available from the desktop version of RAVE) which helps them to better understand various areas of RAVE.  Includes updating their password, uploading files, viewing their schedule tasks and more. The help guide will activate next time they log into RAVE on their desktop.

Secondary accounts contact in RAVE

  • It is now possible to add secondary email address as accounts person so that all updates related to stage claims (requests/amends/deletes) are sent to the primary and secondary accounts people.

Move and copy files between file groups

  • It is now possible for branch users and contractors to move or copy files between other folders within a project that they have access to.

“Date” renamed to “Task date” in stage claims

  • The “Date” column in the stage claims tab has been renamed “Task date” to avoid confusion when applying a date range filter.

Show latest files at the top

  • Files under each folder will be displayed (sorted) with the latest files showing at the top – making it easier to track all of latest uploaded files.

Update: New changes to Stage Claims within RaveBuild

Whilst requesting and submitting payments for Stage Claims recently, you may have noticed a few small changes within RAVE. These changes have been implemented as part of an aesthetically pleasing update where we have seen the “Edit” button replaced by a pencil icon, and the delete button has been replaced with a red “X”. These simple changes have been made to ensure your navigation throughout RAVE is as smooth and easy as possible.

These visual changes have been accompanied by a few others too. After requesting a stage claim payment in the Stage Claims tab of your Project, within the Site/Build section, the stage is now marked as “Due”, instead of “Paid”. This change removes any chance of confusion for you when navigating RAVE, as we all know invoices aren’t paid immediately after request!


In a similar change that keeps RAVE more in line with the different accounts systems used, the “Paid Invoice” pop up has been renamed to “Invoice payment” and the “Stage Claim paid Invoice” pop up now displays as “Stage Claim Invoice payment”.InvoicePayment

RAVE now gives you the ability to issue receipts. Once a stage claim is submitted as “Paid”, a PDF receipt is generated in both the branch and client login. This is accessible from the stage claims tab and is found by clicking on the Adobe Reader icon.

It’s worth noting that while all of the project and branch details displayed on both the Invoice preview and the Receipts will be pulled straight from the details loaded into Rave, the GST number on the receipt will only display if you have added your branch’s GST number into your RAVE profile. This can be completed by heading to your profile and entering your GST number in the “Settings” Tab.

For a complete view of all the technical updates and tweaks that have been made to RAVE recently, check out the Technical Updates section of our blog.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163

Isaac Ludlow Series Part 5: Personality types within your team

Hey guys, just wanted to have a bit of a chat today about the different personality types out there, and how understanding the basics of them can really benefit your team.

Some people are naturally well organised, some people are awesome at connecting with people, some people are insanely good at getting things done quickly and some are very loyal and consistent day in and day out.

People with different personality types need different things from their team in order to help them feel good and to want to perform well. The reality is, if you want to grow your business, you’ll need to build a strong team. When you know what people need in order to perform, it means that you can help them succeed.

It also helps you to understand and predict what areas they will work well in and what areas they will struggle in. When you start to understand personality types, you will have the tools you need to see how your people work and put them in roles that help them be happy and perform well.  You will also better understand how to address issues when things aren’t going well and get your team on track and staying productive.


So, where do you start?

If seeing your team functioning well is important to you, then I’d like to suggest a couple of options for you to see the results you’re after.

  1. Firstly, click on this link for a free download of more detailed descriptions of the personality types. It describes how each personality type is likely to behave: under pressure, as an employee, in general interaction, and as a business owner. The model also describes how to sell to each personality type and what things they can work on to help them succeed.
  2. Following on from this, If you would like some individual help for your team or a comprehensive report for each person on your team then get in touch with me directly so I can arrange that for you.

Here is a reminder of the DISC personality type profile. Once again, head to this link to get familiar with a more detailed description of each of these personality types.


That’s all from me this week! In the next article, you’ll get some more awesome tips for having a happy and productive team.

Isaac Ludlow

Business Coach
The World’s #1 Business Coaching Firm
Hamilton, New Zealand
Mobile: +64 27 548 3302

If you have specific team issues you would like to talk directly with Isaac about then flick an email to

RELEASE – 6th December 2018

Sort function link to milestone

  • Date range filter is now added which enables user to export results in desired date range.
  • Can search within few key tasks by date range.
  • By default, all key tasks are checked.

Client search update

  • User can now search with job number, lot number, project manager, client name and address by entering in global search box.
  • Can also search with the project status.

Export to CSV with search values update

  • Exports CSV with only the search values.

Stage Claim tab changes

  • Stage claim “Paid” has been renamed as “Due”.
  • “Paid Invoice” pop up has been renamed as “Invoice payment”.
  • “Stage Claim paid Invoice” has been renamed as “Stage Claim Invoice payment”.

Ability to issue receipts

  • Once a stage claim is “Paid”, a PDF receipt is generated in both branch login and client portal – if permission for the client to view stage claims has been granted.

Move checklist update

  • User can now reorder new checklists by moving them either up or down.