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RELEASE – 31st July

Build Overview – Search by site manager and contractor Branch users can now view the Build Overview Gantt Schedule through the search filters “Site Manager”, and “Contractor”. Stage claim report now shows the task end date In the Stage Claim section, there is now a column displaying task end dates, to the right of the […]

RELEASE – 17th July

Login Bug Fix A login bug experienced by some users when logging in is now fixed. Stage claim Bug Fix Bug allowing stage claim access through a direct URL is now fixed. Remember entry numbers for data table Rave wasn’t “remembering” a user’s preference for displaying the number of records on each page – this has […]

RELEASE – 6th July

New timesheet options to add ‘morning break’, ‘lunch break’ and ‘afternoon break’s   New tags “morning break”, “lunch break” and “afternoon break” are added to the list of timesheet tags. Display lost and closed clients information in the sales overview report For those with Branch Owner login, within the sales overview report, users can now […]