Cloud Vs Server

cloud vs server

We are in a new age of computing, and while some industries have been proactive with cloud computing, the construction industry still needs to float on up.  

Cloud computing has nothing to do with actual clouds and has everything to do with the internet. Cloud is another name for internet and when you store information in the cloud, you are storing it on the internet.

To be clear, cloud computing and servers have a lot in common. After all, they both use/are servers. Cloud computing uses swarms of servers that are placed around the world in different locations and that all interact with each other. When you use your own server you can either have a localised server or a remote server – and they can still interact with the internet.

However, there are some major benefits to using the cloud that far surpass the benefits of using a server. There are also programs that run on the cloud, like Rave Build a cloud-based build management system, that make all aspects of building easily. These types of systems are labelled SaaS ( Software as a Service). Depending on what you are using your server for you may want to look into the pros’ and cons of using cloud-based systems compared to using your server.

Cloud computing can offer you:

Cost efficiency; Using a localised server means that you need to manage it. Managing your own server comes at a cost, the cost of the server itself and the cost of its upkeep, whether it’s through hiring an actual IT guy to keep it maintained or calling someone out to fix it through another company. However, it’s not just the cost of maintenance with the server, but the loss of revenue when the server breaks or malfunctions. With cloud computing, you are still using a server, however, instead of one server, there are thousands. There are servers all around the world in different locations meaning that not only do you not have to pay for maintenance on them but, if for some reason there is a malfunction there are swarms of other servers that can pick up the slack until the others get fixed.

Scalability; When you are controlling your own server, you need to be able to predict the amount of traffic you will be getting. Will there be more traffic in certain parts of the year? Will there be times that there is very little traffic? When you have to make predictions like this, you either end up with more space than you need or not enough during times of heavy traffic. It’s an expensive gamble. However with cloud computing, the scalability is easy, you can upscale in times of heavy traffic and downscale again when there is less traffic. You only pay for what you need rather than trying to predict your needs and overshooting, or even worse falling short.

Security; There is a perception, where if you have a server that the information that you place on that server is safer. This is not the case, in actual fact, most of the major security breaches in the last five years have been from internal databases. There are many aspects to computing and security and there will always be risks, wherever you store your information. Most cloud providers implement their own security measures that mitigate security risks. However there is a large amount of responsibility the customer to protect their own information, you can encrypt your data, ensure your security key is safe, implement a dual authentication system and limit the permission and audit people’s use of the systems.  

Disaster recovery capabilities; Sometimes things break, servers malfunction or there could even be a disaster along the lines of a fire, earthquake, flood, or even a volcanic eruption. It’s good to be prepared and to be fair, most people and businesses are. Backups are essential, and everybody backs up their information. However backing up your information online is invaluable. Using the cloud to backup your information means that your information is easily accessible in the event that you don’t have your physical backups or they break or malfunction.

Profitability; Time and money go hand in hand, the reality is that using the cloud can cut out a lot of time wasting. Especially if you are using a SaaS, like Rave Build. Specifically, in the building industry, some companies are still using fragmented software that can’t communicate with each other. Resulting in a lot of repetitive work, and accumulating a lot of downtime. For example, because Rave operates on the cloud it is a centralised system where all of the different functions interact with each other, so there is no double ups or unnecessary work. Rave also incorporates a communications system, meaning that everything that is happening within your project is easily communicated to other people involved in a hassle free way. All these things together mean that saving time is a byproduct and a result in that is not only saving money but also having the opportunity to increase profit margins.

To summarise, cloud computing is more affordable, easy to upscale or downscale, has better security, amazing disaster recovery capabilities, and encourages more profitability.

So why is the building industry still struggling with the concept of using the cloud? After all, it provides everything that a server offers, however, better, faster, and cheaper.

Studies show that 42% of companies (in 2014) who haven’t jumped on the cloud yet, haven’t done so because they simply don’t know enough.

While having a tangible object, such as a server can be comforting, cloud computing is definitely the smarter and more efficient way of getting the most out of your business.

In the battle of the cloud Vs server, cloud wins, hands down.

Reporting Keeps getting Easier and Easier

messy desk

Reporting is not always the most exciting part of running a business. So we made it easier for you. Our aim is to help our Rave Builders make the most of their time, and that means cutting down on the desk work to free up your time for more practical tasks.

You are now able to download the reports from your Company Dashboard as a CSV file onto your computer.

It’s really simple to do, in fact, all you need to do is choose the specifications of your report and then click “Download CSV”. – Yes it really is that easy!

The new Rave Build App


Finally, you can throw out your computer, and board up your office, you don’t need those anymore. With our new Rave Build app, you are able to update your schedule, add photos, and add comments on-site!

The new Rave Build App makes your life less chaotic and more simple. Make changes to your schedule instantly rather than waiting to get back to the office, saving you time.

The new Rave Build App is perfect to use on your cell phone or tablet. You can download the app from the Google Play store or the App Store.

Stay Safe in Cyberspace with These Tips!

StockSnap_ZWW8WXIL3PThe internet is a fun place to be, it certainly makes everyday tasks easier, such as banking, communication, storing information, and shopping, just to name a few.

However, just like there are pickpockets in the street, there are people out there who will take advantage of you and your business. These people use cyberspace to attack your information, wreaking havoc, stealing money, deleting information and most recently taking control of your information and holding it for ransom – if you don’t pay your information gets deleted. Wiped. Gone. Good bye data.

With this in mind, it is easy to get carried away, and become afraid of the cloud and the potential security threats it possesses.

Here are some easy tips to help you keep your data cyber secure. Continue reading “Stay Safe in Cyberspace with These Tips!”

New updates on Rave Build

We’re always innovating at Rave Build and we’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on the past few weeks!

Here’s a list of everything that been going on:

  • You can now share images from your Rave Build account to your Facebook account. This will allow you and your clients to share progress images from your Rave Build account to Facebook. This is a great way to keep your followers updated as wells as expand your client base. Imagine reaching not only your followers but friends of your clients too! All with the click of a button – so get sharing! For help search “Sharing images on Facebook” on our Help Desk.
  • Are you still using  Excel spreadsheets? or a whiteboard to track key tasks? Chuck it out, you don’t need them when you have the ability to identify and track key tasks with or new Key Task Build Overview feature. It’s a great way to keep everything centralised and in one place. The best thing about it is if you have a business with many branches, branch level access mean all branch users can assign key tasks and can view the Key Task Build overview.For help search “Key Task Build Overview” on our Help Desk.
  •  You’ve always been able to control what contractors can see, but now you have the ability to control this in more detail. you can choose to hide what your contractors can and can’t see so that only in-house can view the entire schedule. More control is always a good thing. For help search “Controlling what contractors can view” on our Help Desk.
  • Keeping up to date on your projects post-handover is important, keeping up with your clients and ensuring satisfaction is the last milestone you have. With this in mind we have made post hand over easy, once a project is finished you can change the build status from active to maintenance, making it easier to search and maintain post-handover. For help search “changing your build status to maintenance” on our Help Desk.
  • Fine tune your schedule and enable more accuracy by locking your schedule. This new tool will help you get more accurate scheduling, no more going over time on a project, accurately predict time frames and best of all saving you time and money.For help search “Locking your schedule” on our Help Desk.

If you would like to know more about these updates head to our Help Desk for helpful articles on how to use these new features!

Feel free to give us a call let us know how you’re going, we love hearing from our Raving Fans,  your feedback is important to us, email us at or give us a call on +64 (0) 7 210 2228 (NZ) or 1-800-179-163 (Australia)


How to Build Relationships with your Contractors

StockSnap_NJ5IKKFZ55Building a better relationship will help you improve your business and allow you to have some fun at the same time. When you build a better relationship you will build loyalty. Ultimately this could mean a smaller turnover for subbies, a better working environment and better communication. Good networking is an invaluable tool because it’s not always what you know but who you know. Continue reading “How to Build Relationships with your Contractors”

Bridging with Xero!


It’s a match made in heaven with this beautiful accounting software and our powerful construction management tools!

We’re excited to tell you, you are now able to link your Xero account with your Rave Build account. Your progress payments will never be the same!

It’s about to get a whole lot easier with less double handling and more productivity!

For more information head to our help desk or email us at



Gathering New Customer Info? All You Need is Your Smart Device!

StockSnap_LJ515CPAKIHaving a display home is a great way to create new customer leads. The key to increasing your leads is to make sure that you gather all the relevant information, such as names and contact details, as well as any information you can gather on your customer’s needs. The more information you have the better idea you will get on how you can best help your new customer.

Because we understand the need our Rave Builders have to easily gather customer information, we have created a new and innovative tool that will help you. Never lose a customer again! Continue reading “Gathering New Customer Info? All You Need is Your Smart Device!”

Our New Contractor Experience!

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 11.41.40_framed_thumb

Behind the scenes at Rave Build, we have been working on something for you! A new experience just for contractors – just in time to start the new year. Our developers carefully crafted this new contractor experience with ease of use and clear communication in mind, as well as ensuring superb usability across a range of internet capable devices. That means you can access Rave Build on site while you’re on your smartphone or tablet with a better experience. Continue reading “Our New Contractor Experience!”

Tips For Getting Over The Holidays And Getting Back Into Work


Christmas is over and the new year has begun, but the sun is still out and people are still on the beaches enjoying summer. The rest of us have to get back into work, if you are anything like me, coming back can take some re-adjusting. The first week back can be hectic, here are some back to work tips to help you get back into your groove. Continue reading “Tips For Getting Over The Holidays And Getting Back Into Work”