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General Update – 6 July

Selecting a Build Type when adding/editing a build – Update Selecting a Build Type is now mandatory when adding/editing a build, we have also added more build types and sub-build types. Additional Accounts Person notifications – Update A notification will be sent to the accounts person when the signed contract price, build type, or sub-build […]

NEW Banner Alert system in Rave!

The Rave Build team has created a brand new Banner Alert System, allowing us to communicate news, updates, and important notices to RAVE users as they come to light – right from within Rave itself! The system will be easily spotted by Rave users with a banner popping up at the top of the screen, containing the key […]

General UPDATE – 3 June

Email marketing ticked as default – Update The “Opt into email marketing” checkbox is ticked by default when adding clients from Rave and the Show Home form. Client Profile and Build notes line breaks – Update Spacing and dividers have been added between Client Profile and Build notes. Validate when spaces are entered in user […]