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General UPDATE – 1 September

Company Wide Client Search in Reporting (New) – Update Users with Branch level reporting permissions can now search for a client or project across their whole business – searching by first and last name, address, project, and phone number. New Client Estimated Budget carries through to Project Details- Bug Fix Client estimated budget is carried through […]

General UPDATE – 2 July

Wording changes – Update We have renamed a few terms and titles within Rave Build to allow for easier reading: Renamed “Show schedule tasks in client login” to “Show schedule tab in client login” located within the Settings under the Client Login View tab. Renamed “View all visible tasks” to “View all visible tasks (even […]

General UPDATE – 2 June

“Staff” search filter added to Build Overview Schedule Gantt – Update  A new filter for searching by “Staff” has been added to the Build Overview Schedule Gantt. Please note: This is not the Task Gantt page. Dashboard’s Hot lead table does not display client budget amount – Bug Fix The above-mentioned bug has been fixed. […]

General UPDATE – 5 May

Client page loading speed – Update The above-mentioned functionality has been sped up. Items per page is held – Update The number of items per page set by the user, currently default to 10, will remain when the page is refreshed. ‘Sales Overview’ date range is held – Update A selected date range will now […]

General UPDATE – 1 April

Hot Leads load time – Update The My Hot Leads section has been updated, so that new hot leads (25% or greater) will appear on the home screen/dashboard instantly. Client importing with long notes error – Bug Fix The above-mentioned bug is fixed. Sales Pipeline showing blank data – Bug Fix The above-mentioned bug is fixed. Contractor […]

General UPDATE – 13 February

Sign In page – Update The ‘Name’ field description has changed to ‘Username’ on the Sign-in page. Customised Login Page border – Bug Fix The above-mentioned bug is fixed. Import your Contractor/Contact List with an Upload Template – Update We have now provided a CSV template for admin users to download to assist with uploading their Contractor/Contact list, […]

General UPDATE – 3 December

“Schedule comments & photos” – Update New permission named “Schedule comments & photos” has been added, which means even when the “Schedule editing” permission is turned off for a user, they can still add comments and photos when “Schedule comments & photos” permission is turned on. Full-time Equivalent Report – New Feature A new report […]