RELEASE – 11th April 2019

Set permissions when adding/editing folder

  • While adding or editing a new file folder, branch users can now set view and/or access permissions. Determining who can view and access the folder.

Folder templates saved

  • Once a file folder is added; with permissions, it can be saved as a template.
  • This saved folder template can be loaded to any project.
  • All these saved templates are listed under the “Templates” page.

Setting template as default template

  • These folder templates can be set as default templates, which when set, will be auto-loaded whenever a new build is added.

Messages (bug fix)

  • “Messages” Bug Fix

Login  (bug fix)

  • “Login” Bug Fix


RELEASE – 8th March 2019

Remove contractors on mobile (bug fix)

  • “Remove contractor” Bug fix. All branch owners can now remove contractors on all browsers and mobile devices.

Validation while adding task duration (bug fix)

  • Bug fix when adding task duration as a “half day”, whole day validation alert.


RELEASE – 21st February 2019

Customised export templates in Clients and Site/Build Tabs

Users can now save their custom export selection under the Clients and Site/Build Tabs as a template.

  • New tab “Templates” is now displayed under Clients, where all the saved templates can be viewed.
  • Before exporting as CSV, custom criteria can be saved as a template.
  • Templates can be loaded from the list of saved templates.

Users can edit or delete the Saved template name from Clients –> templates, Site/Build –> Templates.

Record updates -Audit trail

  • Now in RaveBuild, some actions are recorded in more detail. For example when details are updated on a task, it is recorded as specifically what has been updated on a task in the schedule.

Following updates have been added:

  • When a template is loaded – Audit trail records the name of the template that’s been loaded.
  • When a milestone is edited – Records the name of the milestone that’s been changed.
  • When a new task is added – Records every single field that’s been modified while adding a task.
  • When a task is edited – Records start date change on task page, every detail updated on edit task page and records every update made on “Comments and photos” page.

Ability to access sales reports

  • Sales people can now access a custom sales report. They can only view their own sales in this report.

Error page issue (bug fix)

  • Navigation from “Sales overview” page to “Sales Reports” Bug Fix. 


RELEASE – 5th February 2019

New Custom Sales Report 

There are 2 new sales report tabs (Sales Overview and Invoice Overview) available to branch owners via Sales Reports in their User Profile dropdown menu

  • The Sales Overview report, is an opportunity cascade report with date range picker.  This report displays all the client projects that have had updated opportunities in the selected date range.
  • The Invoice Overview report, is an invoice report with date range picker.  This report is project-based and displays the total raised and paid amounts in the selected date range.
  • By default, the current month’s results are displayed on both reports.
  • A search box is also available, allowing the user to narrow down search results by filtering by sales person. These results are able to be printed, or exported to csv files.

Add filter for project status

  • New tab “Maintenance” is added under Site/Build
  • This tab lists all tasks from a “Maintenance”, “Post Handover” and “Post Hand over” milestones in a build with status “Maintenance”.


RELEASE – 29th January 2019

Login time-out fix on desktop and mobile browsers

Users NOW have more control over our automatic log out security feature

  • When users log in and select “Remember me”,  they will remain logged in for up to 4 weeks
  • When users log in without selecting “Remember me”, they will remain logged in for the normal time (~2 hrs).

Send notifications to the client and additional client contacts

  • Prior to this update,  only the client who is assigned to a task would receive notifications for the task and schedule changes.  Now. whenever a task (that is assigned to the client) is updated, you have the option to include the additional contacts related to the client to also receive email notifications.
  • Branch users can set notifications for additional contacts by editing the client profile, setting “Get Notified” to Yes for each additional contact.

RELEASE – 15th January 2019

LBP document expiry date

Branch users can now track the expiry date of the LBP documents uploaded by the contractors. 

  • A flag will be displayed on the contractor’s list page alerting user that one or more contractor files have expired. The expiry date is displayed in red.
  • The LBP expiry date column has been added to the contractor’s list page. 
  • An “Expiry date” field has been added for contractors to update when uploading files.

Grey out “Other items” once a stage claim is loaded

  • Once a stage claim template is loaded to a project, the “Other items” option is locked down – users would then use variations to load any other costs.

Display best match results at the top

  • The search ranking & relevancy of search results in the site/builds list page has been greatly improved. Best match results will now appear at the top of the page.

Design improvements on the key tasks page

  • Design updates have been made to the key tasks table.

RELEASE – 19th December 2018

RAVE Contractor Help Guide

  • Contractors now have a self guide (available from the desktop version of RAVE) which helps them to better understand various areas of RAVE.  Includes updating their password, uploading files, viewing their schedule tasks and more. The help guide will activate next time they log into RAVE on their desktop.

Secondary accounts contact in RAVE

  • It is now possible to add secondary email address as accounts person so that all updates related to stage claims (requests/amends/deletes) are sent to the primary and secondary accounts people.

Move and copy files between file groups

  • It is now possible for branch users and contractors to move or copy files between other folders within a project that they have access to.

“Date” renamed to “Task date” in stage claims

  • The “Date” column in the stage claims tab has been renamed “Task date” to avoid confusion when applying a date range filter.

Show latest files at the top

  • Files under each folder will be displayed (sorted) with the latest files showing at the top – making it easier to track all of latest uploaded files.

RELEASE – 6th December 2018

Sort function link to milestone

  • Date range filter is now added which enables user to export results in desired date range.
  • Can search within few key tasks by date range.
  • By default, all key tasks are checked.

Client search update

  • User can now search with job number, lot number, project manager, client name and address by entering in global search box.
  • Can also search with the project status.

Export to CSV with search values update

  • Exports CSV with only the search values.

Stage Claim tab changes

  • Stage claim “Paid” has been renamed as “Due”.
  • “Paid Invoice” pop up has been renamed as “Invoice payment”.
  • “Stage Claim paid Invoice” has been renamed as “Stage Claim Invoice payment”.

Ability to issue receipts

  • Once a stage claim is “Paid”, a PDF receipt is generated in both branch login and client portal – if permission for the client to view stage claims has been granted.

Move checklist update

  • User can now reorder new checklists by moving them either up or down.

RELEASE – 22nd November 2018

Client search update

  • User can now search clients with client St Address, Suburb or City in Client global search box.

PDF header update

The following information is now displayed on the PDF header when Schedule, Checklist, Project People and Stage claim PDF’s are printed:

  • Project Number
  • Client Name
  • Site Address
  • Project Manager, Phone number & Email
  • Site Manager & Phone number (show only if site manager allocated)
  • Lot #
  • DP #
  • Consent #
  • Contract name

Checkbox to update multiple stage claims

  • Multiple stage claims can now be requested and paid from the Stage claim tab.

Stage claim template update

  • The stage claim template can now be set at a branch level. This will override the company level stage claim template.

Faster load time for the project overview page

  • Photo’s now loading as thumbnails on the project overview page resulting in faster load times and reduced data usage. This was outlined further in a recent blog.

Update: Your Clients Page has been Renovated

Finding your clients is now easier than ever before…

Here at RAVE, we love hearing your feedback so we can tailor New Zealand’s only end-to-end construction management app to you, and your needs. We’re excited to tell you about some great new updates that we’ve been working on. Our Clients Page has been revamped with new search features and improved functionality to make finding clients easier on both desktop and mobile versions. Learn more about the Clients Page here.

Sail through your Clients Page with the new advanced search filter
Whatever you’re searching is now automatically filtered so you can do away with manually selecting search categories. No need to select a first or last name – just type in Sam or Neil, and the dynamic search will do the rest! Learn more about searching for clients here.
P0 before and after
Find specific clients within three new search categories
You can now filter your searches using three additional categories: ‘Client Lead’, ‘Created Date’, and ‘Floor Size’. If you’re interested in clients based on how close you are to closing the sale with them, just select Client Lead and choose from Hot, Warm, or Cold. Easy!Learn more on how to search for clients based on:

P1 new search filters NEW SIZE
Sort data alphabetically
You can order data in columns alphabetically by clicking the arrow in the top right corner of each column. Read more here.P2 alphabetical order NEW SIZE

Refresh your search with the new ‘Refresh’ button
You can now ‘Reset’ your results page with a handy button instead of refreshing your entire web page. Read more here.
P3 refresh button

Make the most of valuable client data
The new ‘Export’ option allows you to export data from your search results as a CSV file for Excel. Learn more on exporting your client search here.
P4 export button small version

Don’t forget about post-sale clients!
All updates to the ‘Clients’ page apply across the ‘Closed Clients’ page too.
P5 also on closed clients page NEW SIZE
Drop us a line!
Don’t forget to let us know how you like the new features – you can email us at

If you have any queries or need help, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on +64 (0)7 210 2228 (NZ) or 1-800-179-163 (Australia).