Your Post-Sale Follow Up, Sorted

Give yourself a pat on the back! You’ve closed a deal, but the job is far from finished! While you have unlocked a new client, you have also entered a vulnerable period. Just because a client has signed a contract doesn’t mean they’re a ‘loyal’ customer yet. Immediately post-sale, clients want reassurance that they’ve made the right decision – they will be on high alert to gain the satisfaction consumers look for directly after making a big purchase decision. The connection you build with them in this time is therefore vital!

Why is the post-sale follow up so important?

A key fact often overlooked by businesses when it comes to sales and marketing is that winning new customers bears a much greater cost than retaining existing customers. In fact, acquiring new customers can cost seven times more than retaining current ones. According to Frederick Reichheld, the founder of Net Promoter Score, a mere 5% increase in customer retention leads to more than 25% increase in profit. The reason being that customers tend to progressively buy more from a company they are loyal to, which results in diminishing operating costs to serve them. In addition, loyal customers will almost always be willing to pay more with a company they know and trust. This is due to the high perceived risk associated with switching. Lastly, returning customers recommend your company to others.

Here’s 4 tips to get your post-sale follow up sorted!

#1. Make yourself available                                                                                              Let them know you’re in it for the long run, and you’ll be there to hold their hand throughout the entire process. Give them your contact details, and someone to contact if they have any questions or concerns. One of the features RaveBuild offers is setting reminders to meet, call, or email certain customers at specific times. This means you’ll never forget to make this crucial post-sale communication.

 #2. Be personal                                                                                                                       In the midst of the digital era, automating contact points can seem like the most simple and efficient option. While this may be true, making a personal connection is what will earn respect and build trust. An automated ‘Purchase Confirmation’ email may be okay for a customer who has bought a $30 shirt online, but for a customer making a highly involved purchase decision, such as hiring a building company, the need for assurance that they’re dealing with humans and not robots is much greater. When you add a client in your RaveBuild account, you can add significant details about them you may have picked up on. These types of details, like having a dog, or that they love cycling, can then be used to connect with them on a more personalised level.

#3. Keep them in the loop                                                                                                It’s not surprising that selling a service requires you to give your customer more attention than if they were buying a one-off product. Furthermore, a customer investing a lot of money to build their dream home, potentially the biggest purchase they’ll make in their life, will be needier than the regular consumer. This is especially true for a service involving so many variables and possibilities that things won’t go exactly according to plan. The RaveBuild app gives you the option to create your own company branded portal for clients. They can login on any device to see important updates, site photos, and budget spend at their convenience. Ultimately clients are kept involved throughout their build journey which brings peace of mind while minimising the need for unnecessary phone calls.

#4. Improve your performance                                                                                    Use existing clients’ feedback as a reference point to refine your value proposition and areas of focus moving forward. Your clients’ needs and concerns translate to invaluable knowledge that can be capitalised on. When you ask your clients how they heard about your company, you can record their answers in the RaveBuild customer account page. Use this information to gauge what marketing mediums are the most effective and focus your budget spend accordingly.

Keep in mind!!

In the construction industry, word of mouth is your biggest weapon. A customer who is signing a building contract is making a huge commitment. They are well aware of this before making their final purchase decision, so you can be sure they’ve done their research and asked their friends, family, and colleagues for advice. The opinion of an outsider is also seen as more credible than self-made claims. All considered, word of mouth is one of your best marketing vehicles, but the only way you can control it is by ensuring your clients are no less than 100% happy. So use these four steps to create a successful post-sale follow-up strategy and build long-lasting client relationships!

Update: Your Clients Page has been Renovated


Finding your clients is now easier than ever before…

Here at RAVE, we love hearing your feedback so we can tailor New Zealand’s only end-to-end construction management app to you, and your needs. We’re excited to tell you about some great new updates that we’ve been working on. Our Clients Page has been revamped with new search features and improved functionality to make finding clients easier on both desktop and mobile versions. Learn more about the Clients Page here.

Sail through your Clients Page with the new advanced search filter                  Whatever you’re searching is now automatically filtered so you can do away with manually selecting search categories. No need to select a first or last name – just type in Sam or Neil, and the dynamic search will do the rest! Learn more about searching for clients here.P0 before and after

Find specific clients within three new search categories                                        You can now filter your searches using three additional categories: ‘Client Lead’, ‘Created Date’, and ‘Floor Size’. If you’re interested in clients based on how close you are to closing the sale with them, just select Client Lead and choose from Hot, Warm, or Cold. Easy!                                                                    Learn more on how to search for clients based on: 

P1 new search filters NEW SIZE

Sort data alphabetically                                                                                                        You can order data in columns alphabetically by clicking the arrow in the top right corner of each column. Read more here.P2 alphabetical order NEW SIZE

Refresh your search with the new ‘Refresh’ button                                                You can now ‘Reset’ your results page with a handy button instead of refreshing your entire webpage.P3 refresh button Read more here.                                                                                

Make the most of valuable client data                                                                              The new ‘Export’ option allows you to export data from your search results as a CSV file for Excel.P4 export button small version Learn more on exporting your client search here.                                                                                                         

Don’t forget about post-sale clients!                                                                              All updates to the ‘Clients’ page apply across the ‘Closed Clients’ page too.P5 also on closed clients page NEW SIZE    Drop us a line!                                                                                                                        Don’t forget to let us know how you like the new features – you can email us at

If you have any queries or need help, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on +64 (0)7 210 2228 (NZ) or 1-800-179-163 (Australia).



cyber security

When you leave for your Christmas holidays this year, will you lock up your house and hide your valuables? Of course. But, have you considered the added threat to your online assets over this time?

The internet undoubtedly plays an essential role in our day-to-day lives, both in the personal and professional contexts. We use it for just about everything – communication, storing information, researching, shopping, banking and more. While it offers so much convenience, partaking in these daily activities now uncovers your personal information and makes you more vulnerable than you might realise.

Just as you would lock your house or car to stay safe from thieves, you need to protect your online assets from hackers looking to steal and take advantage of your personal information. Once a hacker gets hold of your information, they can steal your money, delete your valuable data, impersonate you and damage your reputation – the list goes on.

What people don’t realise is that the risk of being virtually burgled dramatically increases over the silly season. The reason being is that hackers 1. Have more time on their hands being off work or school and 2. Know that people are easier to hack while on holiday because they aren’t checking up on things daily as they would at work, and being away, often device-less, makes it more difficult to counteract a cyber-attack quickly.
With this in mind, keeping yourself, your information, and your business secure and safe online is CRITICAL over this period.

Related image

Follow these 6 easy steps to stay cyber-safe during the Christmas break.

#1 Keep your devices updated
Security bug fixes are among the most common elements of operating system updates on your computer or mobile phone. Operating system like Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android are constantly being improved to keep you safe. Make sure you take advantage of these updates.

#2 Keep your passwords safe and secure
No legitimate organisation will ever ask you for your password via email or phone – NEVER give your password to a third party. Avoid using the same password twice. Don’t use passwords that are easy to guess – rather than words, use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numerals, and symbols. Use this password checker to see how secure your passwords really are:
There are some excellent tools available for you to keep track of all your passwords, while ensuring maximum security. Using programs like LastPass is a clever way to store multiple log in credentials safely:

#3 Use two-step authentication
This is an absolute MUST. Two-step authentication is a method that adds another layer of security when accessing your online accounts. If a hacker enters the correct password to your email account, you will receive an automated text, phone call, or email providing a code needed for the user to proceed. This effectively stops potential imposters in their tracks.

#4 Backup your data
If you were to be the victim of a malicious cyber-attack, you can be confident knowing your information is safely backed up elsewhere, and can therefore be recovered. A good way to do this is use cloud-based systems such as Google Drive to store all of your documents. Changes or updates you make are automatically backed up to the cloud in real time. Easy!

#5 Ensure you have up-to-date virus, malware, and firewall software
Check your operating system includes adequate security features. For example, Windows has Windows Firewall and Windows Defender pre-installed. If your OS doesn’t have these built in safety tools, you’ll need to purchase some. Whether your computer security software is included in your OS or sourced elsewhere, don’t forget to keep it updated!

#6 Get cyber liability insurance
This is a type of insurance that will protect you if disaster strikes, giving professional support to get your business back on track, and reimbursing your losses. With research suggesting that people are becoming more likely to face a cyber-attack than a burglary, cyber liability insurance is a smart move.

Before you leave for your Christmas holidays this year, make sure you keep your online assets and valuables locked up, as well as your tangible ones. To hackers you are just a target – someone to make money off. The chances of a cyber-ambush are even greater over the holiday period, so protect yourself and be vigilant!

Follow these steps for a cyber-safe Christmas break!

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Bridging with Xero!


It’s a match made in heaven with this beautiful accounting software and our powerful construction management tools!

We’re excited to tell you, you are now able to link your Xero account with your Rave Build account. Your progress payments will never be the same!

It’s about to get a whole lot easier with less double handling and more productivity!

For more information head to our help desk or email us at



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