Empower your business with Rave Time Tracking

The Rave team has been back in the office for two days, and already we have a juicy new tool for you. We have made it easier to track time within Rave Build with our new time tracking tool!

This means employee’s and contractors can easily clock into the task they are working on, making it easier for project managers to track where time is being spent. Continue reading “Empower your business with Rave Time Tracking”

What’s New on Rave?

Rave Build Management Ltd is fast becoming the market leader and system of choice in managing your building business in New Zealand, and we’re proud of it!

We’re also starting to go global with Rave Build systems recently becoming available in Australia!

Here at Rave HQ we constantly future proof, innovate and add new features for our Raving Fan’s to enjoy.

Here are the new and improved features that we have added this week! Continue reading “What’s New on Rave?”

It’s here! Pro Rave Build!

As you may have heard already, the Rave Build team has been working on something special for you.

We are proud and excited, to announce Pro Rave Build is HERE!

We have been doing our research, and we asked our Raving Fan’s what they like, what they want, and how we can do better. We took this feedback to the team, and came up with something we thing your going to love! Continue reading “It’s here! Pro Rave Build!”

Winning at The Prestigious Webstock ‘15 Conference

Last year, out of 68 entries, we won a residency at NZTE’s landing pad in San Francisco, funds, airfares, and consultancy, by participating in the BNZ “Start up Alley” competition at Webstock.

The Panel was looking at “StartUp” businesses that they felt had the most potential to succeed in the USA marketplace. Continue reading “Winning at The Prestigious Webstock ‘15 Conference”