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Pro Rave Build, in the Making!

We are excited to announce our new streamlined product Pro Rave Build is in the making. Currently, our tech and building savvy team are putting in some intense brain hours to provide you with an innovative new system.

Over the past few months, we have been gathering and reviewing our customer feedback. The feedback has provided us with some brilliant ideas on how we can improve Rave to better suit the needs of our customers.

The new Rave Build system will have all the same features that our Raving Fan’s love, and have a new and improved functionality – with some new exciting features.

Moreover, it means that we are making sure our Raving Fan’s are getting the best services they can, in turn, their builds will run smoothly and efficiently.

Keep an eye out for updates, we will be testing the product soon!

For more information about Pro Rave Build please call 07 210 2228 or alternatively email us at info@ravebuild.co.nz