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It’s here! Pro Rave Build!

As you may have heard already, the Rave Build team has been working on something special for you.

We are proud and excited, to announce Pro Rave Build is HERE!

We have been doing our research, and we asked our Raving Fan’s what they like, what they want, and how we can do better. We took this feedback to the team, and came up with something we thing your going to love!

 Pro Rave Build 

The upgraded functionality, along with new and improved features, means that not only is there better usability but you can accomplish more, quicker.

We are so stoked with the new and improved Rave Build, that we have decided to update all our current Rave Build customers to Pro, for FREE!

In fact, we’ve already started upgrading everyone!

So, you will be hearing from us over the next few months about our exiting upgrade.

But we know some of you would rather not wait too get your hot little hands on Pro Rave Build, so flick us an email or give us a call and we’ll make sure we shift you over ASAP.

If you do have any questions regarding Pro Rave Build, give us a call on 07 210 2228 alternatively email us on info@ravebuild.co.nz