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What’s New on Rave?

Rave Build Management Ltd is fast becoming the market leader and system of choice in managing your building business in New Zealand, and we’re proud of it!

We’re also starting to go global with Rave Build systems recently becoming available in Australia!

Here at Rave HQ we constantly future proof, innovate and add new features for our Raving Fan’s to enjoy.

Here are the new and improved features that we have added this week!

You are now able to print your project contractor lists, stage claims, and specific milestones from your schedule.

We have improved the schedule notifications, to reduce the amount of alerts we have grouped them so you will receive grouped update changes. Project managers also now have better controls, when notifications for a project are sent.

It is possible to see your allocated scheduled tasks on your dashboard in “Next 7 Days” along with your appointments and follow ups.

You can also create a schedule template with all your contractors saved on it. Instead of having to go through and add contractors to each task on each build, you can just load the template with them already added, and still, make contractor changes if needed.

If you have any questions about these new features, Give us a call on        1-800-179-163 (Australia),  07 210 2228 (NZ) or alternatively,  flick us an email info@ravebuild.co.nz 

You can also check out our Help Desk which talks about these new features in bigger detail. To find our help desk, just log into your Rave account and click the “Rave Help” tab in the top right corner – You will see the new features topic where all our new feature articles will be!