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Gathering New Customer Info? All You Need is Your Smart Device!

StockSnap_LJ515CPAKIHaving a display home is a great way to create new customer leads. The key to increasing your leads is to make sure that you gather all the relevant information, such as names and contact details, as well as any information you can gather on your customer’s needs. The more information you have the better idea you will get on how you can best help your new customer.

Because we understand the need our Rave Builders have to easily gather customer information, we have created a new and innovative tool that will help you. Never lose a customer again!

Our new Guest Book feature enables sales staff to easily gather client information. All they need is their Rave Build account and a smart device.

It’s a simple way to provide your customers with a great experience and to generate more leads, while taking away time spent duplicating and inputting information. No more messy handwritten inquiries, no more lost information, and most importantly no more letting customers slip through your fingertips.

Of course, you can also use your Guest Book at conferences and home shows.

Let us know how you’re are enjoying your Guest Book, email feedback to support@ravebuild.co.nz

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