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Improve your brand with client portal

Maintaining open lines of communication is incredibly important for everyone involved in the building process. Builders must know what subcontractors are doing, as well as meet the client’s needs. Subcontractors must know when and where they are needed for a job, and most importantly, clients want to know what is going on throughout their building process. Keeping clients in the loop can oftentimes be one of the most difficult parts of building, and can be a serious source of stress for both the builder and the client. Fortunately, at RaveBuild, we keep the best interests of both parties in mind with our Client Portal option.



Streamline Communication

Using the Client Portal, we make it simple for both the builder and the client to keep track of progress on a job.  The Client Portal streamlines communication by giving the builder the ability to upload photos on site through our mobile app, instantly available for clients to view.  By cutting the need for constant phone calls, your team is freed up to focus on other tasks.  No longer will clients need to stress about not knowing the progress of their job.  No more frantic calls or playing phone tag in an attempt to find out what is going on.  Simply upload the progress photos throughout the build, and the customer can view them in real time from anywhere they are connected thanks to our cloud-based technology.

Step Up Your Customer Service

Providing this level of customer service builds trust between builder and client. Trust makes the building process much less stressful than it used to be, and improves your overall image as a company. The more comfortable a client feels with a company, the more loyal they are, and more likely they are to become a repeat customer or refer your company to someone else. RaveBuild’s Client Portal gives you as a builder, an edge over the competition by being able to offer clients this level of involvement in the building process.

Add Client Portal to Your Website

Perhaps the best part of the Client Portal is that it is directly linked with your website. Having the Client Portal on your website page increases traffic, allowing you to advertise more and keep client’s involved. Additionally, the Client Portal is completely customizable and can be found (along with your portal URL) under the ‘Client Login View’ tab in your settings. Easily upload your company logo, and set the color scheme to match with just a few clicks. In fact, we’ve probably already done it for you!


In the construction industry, word of mouth is your biggest weapon, and the only way that it works in your favor is by keeping your clients informed and happy. Do your company a favor, and contact us about activating your company’s client portal!

For any questions regarding the Client Portal, get in contact with us via phone or on our website:

(NZ) 07-210-2228