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Isaac Ludlow Series Part 2: Using Time Management Tools

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Hey builders,

Just wanted to have a bit more of a chat about some time management tools.

What would happen to your income if you were 30% more productive?

In the last newsletter you were given a tool that can make you 30% more productive. I wanted to check in to see if you are using this tool to plan your day in advance.

The reason I wanted to check in is that it is one of those tools that people can understand how effective it will be, but when you’re feeling snowed under you might feel too busy to implement the new habit – just like the woodcutter who was feeling too busy to sharpen his saw.

It’s pretty normal for people to stick with their old habits unless they can really see the benefit of the new habit and the pain caused by not changing.

So let’s run this scenario:  You start using the tool, but because you’re new to it you only become 10% more productive.  This could mean 10% more profit, or 10% more future growth or you get home an hour earlier each day to spend more time with your family.  How would that make you feel?

What about if you don’t use the tool and things stay the way they are.  What will it cost you over the year to have 10% less profit, or 10% less growth or an hour less each day with your family than you could have had? Is it worth throwing away these benefits just to avoid changing a habit?

If you have been using the day planner from last week, send a photo of it through to isaacludlow@actioncoach.com and you’ll go into the draw to win a free business assessment and strategy session worth $299!

What is one hour of your time worth?


One of the best ways to use your time well is to put a dollar value on it. To work this out, just use your hourly rate, or divide the dollars you earn by the hours you work. This will give you a figure for how valuable your time is for each hour.

Let’s say for example it’s $50, then you can weigh up whether a distraction or a task was worth your time investment. If a mate calls you and you end up chatting for half an hour, then your call has just cost you $25.  Was that a good investment, or could that have been done in your personal time?

What about if you forget something and have to shoot back to the supplier.  If it’s an hour round trip, then it’s just cost you $50 extra on that job. Is it worth sending the apprentice instead, or is it worth having a checklist or shopping list to make sure you get everything you need the first time?

Additionally, sign up for a FREE time management seminar to ramp up your efficiency! TimeRICH is packed with helpful tools to really get on top of your productivity.

TimeRICH Seminar

If you would appreciate knowing when the next free time management seminar is in your area, please email isaacludlow@actioncoach.com with “TimeRICH Info please” in the subject line.

We all have the same number of hours in the day, our success is dependent on how we manage our self during the time we have.

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