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Isaac Ludlow Series Part 4: Personality Types

Hey guys, today I wanted to have a chat about how to sell effectively to the different kinds of personalities out there. Put very simply, there are four main personalities you will be dealing with. If you speak their language well, they’re a whole lot more likely to buy from you. If you don’t, you’re going to miss out. 

The four main personality types within the DISC profile are Dominant, Influencer, Steady, and Compliant.

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Dominant personality types like action, quick decisions, and winning. They are good at getting results. When dealing with them, get straight to the point, don’t beat around the bush or mince your words…  they’ll respect you for that. They usually love a good haggle, so bargain hard and stand your ground so they can see what you’re made of.

Influencers want to be liked and connect with people and have fun. They are good at connecting with people and inspiring good ideas. Have a good laugh with them, give them lots of compliments and tell them honestly what you think is awesome about them and their life. If they like you and believe that you like them, they will be a whole lot more likely to buy from you.

The Steady people like to feel safe and secure, so they prefer to stick with what’s tried and true. They are good at being a loyal friend and helping people avoid pain in life. They are more cautious and enjoy taking their time to make decisions. They want assurance that everything will be sorted out and they will be looked after. Ask them what’s important to them and listen carefully.  Give them time and space to process their decisions. Try and tell real-life stories about why you have confidence in certain products and systems.

The high Compliance people are the details people. They’ll want to do their research, ask lots of questions, do more research, and come back with more questions. Try and provide the facts about why you have confidence in certain products and systems.

Understanding these four personality types is essential for your selling skills. Below is the DISC Profile which outlines the common attributes associated with the four main personality types.


By the way, it’s also incredibly helpful to understand personality types when working with your team and getting every player on the team functioning well.

Next article we will have a look into team skills, and how to get your team performing based on their personality and strengths.

Extra for experts:

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.17.29 PMCheck out this TED Talk for some more insight into personality and the role it plays in business. You’ll recognise the Dominant is referred to as Fiery Red, the Influencer is referred to as Sunshine Yellow, the Steady is referred to as the Earth Green and the Compliant personality is referred to as the Cool Blue.

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