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General UPDATE – 15 January 2019

LBP document expiry date – New Feature

Branch users can now track the expiry date of the LBP documents uploaded by the Contractors. 

  • A flag will be displayed on the Contractor’s List page alerting user that one or more contractor files have expired. The expiry date is displayed in red.
  • The LBP expiry date column has been added to the Contractor’s List page. 
  • An “Expiry date” field has been added for contractors to update when uploading files.

Grey out “Other items” once a stage claim is loaded – Update

  • Once a Stage Claim template is loaded to a project, the “Other items” option is locked down – users would then use variations to load any other costs.

Display best match results at the top – Update

  • The search ranking & relevancy of search results in the site/builds list page has been greatly improved. Best match results will now appear at the top of the page.

Design improvements on the Key Tasks page – Update

  • Design updates have been made to the Key Tasks table.

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