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Isaac Ludlow Series Part 7 : Investing in knowledge to guarantee a successful year

So, you’ve got a dream of how you’d like your business to look and maybe you have some goals but what is the main thing that will guarantee you the results?

Do you know what you need to do in order to guarantee you achieve your desired business success in 2019?

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People have lots of different ideas about what to invest in, but I have found there is only one thing that will guarantee you a good return. The only way to guarantee a better return is investing in knowledge, if you do it well it will provide a return for multiple generations.  

I’m not saying you won’t have to put in some hard work, but as you get better at understanding money it gets easier, and as you get better at understanding business it gets easier.

Let me ask a question – What is your goal for this year?  Whatever your goal is, maybe to double your business, think about what books you need to read, what seminars or courses do you need to take, what mentor or coach do you need to talk to, what systems do you need to put in place, to get you from where you are now to where you want to be?

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If you knew already knew what to do, you would be where you want to be. It’s a knowledge gap. Going to seminars, getting mentors or coaches, reading books, listening to audiobooks or podcasts, investing in some proven business systems (or learning how to better use the systems you already have) are some of the best ways to learn.

It takes some effort – there is a level of investment in gaining knowledge. Whatever your goals are, knowledge is the foundation for getting a massive return.

The late Business Guru Jim Rohn always said that if you want to get wealthy read a book a week. Knowledge is the key, it’s the number one investment, the best way to get lifelong success. Work out where you are now, decide what you want to achieve, then go and learn how best to do it.

You can’t get there as you are today, you need to learn more and take actions to grow into your goals.

When you try something new – before you have learnt how to do it, it’s natural to have self-doubt. But as a learner, you can achieve anything you want. Read the books, go to the seminars, do the learning, get a coach, put in the systems – whatever you need to do to get the knowledge and skills to achieve your goals.

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In the next article, you’ll get some more awesome strategies as Isaac shares the key processes that business coaches use with their clients to build better businesses.

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