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General UPDATE – 21 February

Customised export templates in Clients and Site/Build Tabs

Users can now save their custom export selection under the Clients and Site/Build Tabs as a template.

  • New tab “Templates” is now displayed under Clients, where all the saved templates can be viewed.
  • Before exporting as CSV, custom criteria can be saved as a template.
  • Templates can be loaded from the list of saved templates.

Users can edit or delete the Saved template name from Clients –> templates, Site/Build –> Templates.

Record updates -Audit trail

  • Now in RaveBuild, some actions are recorded in more detail. For example when details are updated on a task, it is recorded as specifically what has been updated on a task in the schedule.

Following updates have been added:

  • When a template is loaded – Audit trail records the name of the template that’s been loaded.
  • When a milestone is edited – Records the name of the milestone that’s been changed.
  • When a new task is added – Records every single field that’s been modified while adding a task.
  • When a task is edited – Records start date change on task page, every detail updated on edit task page and records every update made on “Comments and photos” page.

Ability to access sales reports

  • Sales people can now access a custom sales report. They can only view their own sales in this report.

Error page issue (bug fix)

  • Navigation from “Sales overview” page to “Sales Reports” Bug Fix.