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Isaac Ludlow Series Part 9: Recruitment tips to ensure a successful hire

Are you looking to grow your team? Finding it hard to recruit the right people? Are your recruitment ads getting the right people to attend interviews?

With the construction industry at the moment, you need to advertise differently than when there was plenty of staff available.


Traditionally you might have marketed with a list of what you were looking for in the right team member. During a skilled labour shortage, your ads need to change, so that you are promoting the benefits of working with your business. Think of it as selling the role to prospects.

Having a strong work culture will be key for you when attracting the candidates you’re after.  

The best people often aren’t just looking for good wages, but a workplace culture they will love to be a part of.  Many tradespeople have worked in an environment they don’t like or are working in one they don’t like right now. Because of this, They’re not just looking for good pay, but a workplace culture where they will look forward to going to work and that suits their lifestyle.

Knowing this, ask yourself: What are the benefits in your business and how can you promote them in your recruitment ads?
Your ad might start out something like this:


… People with Passion, People with Heart…

Have you been looking for a professional position, in a professional business, doing professional work in a professional way?

Have you been looking for a position in which you’ll produce stunning results for the people you come into contact with? Are you interested in growing, expanding your knowledge, and increasing your influence?


Once you’ve got to the interview stage, remember, always hire on attitude.

In many cases skills are essential, but most skills can be taught, and attitude is key. Too often people get hired based on skill but end up getting fired because of their attitude.

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