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General UPDATE – 24 April

Signed contract value for a “WON” opportunity (update)

  • When changing an opportunity to “Won”, you’ll be prompted to enter a signed contract value and date.

Stage claim variation double ups (bug fix)

  • Cannot create multiple variations with one submit button anymore.

UI in stage claim (bug fix)

  • UI bug is fixed in stage claims within closed builds now.

Opportunity/Build Status Maintenance (bug fix)

  • When an opportunity is changed to “Maintenance”, now, the build status is automatically changed to “Maintenance” also.

Validation for task duration (update)

  • Validation is added when a user tries to enter half days for the “Planned duration” and “Prompt days” on the comments page. Prompting them to enter a “full day” by giving them the nearest valid values.

Resetting date on the calendar (bug fix)

  • When returning from a custom date-range search, the calendar is reset to the current dates. The “Reset” button is now removed from the page, users now just need to refresh the page.