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How Rave Build helps its users get a life!

Local project management software for local builders. Created in New Zealand, for the New Zealand residential building industry, Rave Build has played a crucial role in over 2,500 projects completed by Kiwi builders in the past 12 months. But, it’s the pay-off that the business owners behind these completions have received that Rave Build really takes its pride in. They’re helping businesses grow, and allowing their owners to “get a life”!

Far too many business owners feel like they’re in a constant state of being “too busy” to do those little things that will help them drive their business further in the long run. It’s becoming more and more common that these same owners are having to “win” their time back from their businesses, which is the key driver behind Rave Build’s focus on efficiency, organisation, and ease of user experience. Through understanding the true value of time for business owners and project managers, Rave Build have created construction management systems and software that are designed to save time, reduce build headaches and reduce delays – once again, to help businesses grow so their owners can get a life!    

Through a myriad of time-saving and organisation features, Rave Build provides all the tools needed to sell, plan, and build construction projects. They streamline business operations and make communications easy. Rave Build enables industry members to save time and costs while driving growth and profit. A great example is the Rave Build calendar that auto-populates with all key tasks, appointments and follow-ups associated with particular projects, so all key members of a build know exactly what’s ahead of them, how much time they need to set aside for any given task and who needs to be informed and notified on any updates or changes. These calendars and schedules are clear as day, and are extremely easy to use which gives project managers greater visibility and better control over their projects.

Tasks that are traditionally tedious, time-consuming and often the source of mistakes and headaches are ironed out and streamlined thanks to innovative cloud-based systems and tools within RaveBuild. These tasks include managing important paperwork, directing numerous sub-contractors around each other to avoid clashes and keeping clients sufficiently informed through the build process. These features ultimately save construction managers at least 2 hours on each build per week, which means business owners have more time to grow and nurture their business from the office or remotely.

Importantly, Rave’s systems and software are supported by a crucial backbone of a New Zealand based customer service and software development team. There isn’t a single feature within Rave Build that was developed without the customer in mind. With feet on the ground right here in New Zealand, Rave certainly feels confident that they can meet the needs of the local residential construction market – via an extremely responsive and adaptive software development team whose direction is often guided by client feedback. This has proven evident as Rave Build is helping an ever-growing number of companies nationwide deliver their projects on time and under budget.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163