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General UPDATE – 31 July

Build Overview – Search by site manager and contractor

  • Branch users can now view the Build Overview Gantt Schedule through the search filters “Site Manager”, and “Contractor”.

Stage claim report now shows the task end date

  • In the Stage Claim section, there is now a column displaying task end dates, to the right of the task date column.

Stage claim request button bug fix

  • A bug within the stage claim request button has been fixed.

Reason capture for lost/closed opportunities

  • When an opportunity is changed to “Lost/closed” on the client overview page, users are now prompted with a pop up to enter a reason.

Search by folder and file name within projects

  • Users can now quickly search for a folder or file name within any project.

Contractors list now in alphabetical order

  • The contractor’s list in Project Files is now displayed in alphabetically sorted order.