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Task Schedule UPDATE – 9 September

Having a kiwi based development team means that Rave Build can be very responsive to the needs of kiwi builders and their suggestions. Recently the RAVE development team have been busy preparing an update (due out next week) to the task scheduling side of RAVE – optimising the usability for both the desktop and Rave app versions. There has also been a few slight functionality changes for the better as noted below.

Project details display

The client name, site address details and template used are all displayed at the top of the Schedule tab as shown below.

Task Schedule Action drop down menu

The Task Schedule sub-menu options have been moved to the Action drop down menu along with the add milestone and delete schedule buttons. Note: the “Show Gantt” link has been renamed as “Task Gantt”.

Milestone Action drop down menu

The Add Task, Rename and Delete Milestone buttons have been added to the Milestone Action drop down menu.

Task Calendar update

The calendar look and feel has been updated as per the screenshot below:

Edit task drop down update

You can now delete a task via the Edit task dropdown, without having to open the Edit Task box.

Add Task and Edit Task pop up updates

We have made an update to the look and feel of the Add Task and Edit Task pop ups as below. 

Assign Key Task pop up update

The Assign key task pop up now includes all key task options for selection, versus the need to click on the dropdown menu.

Task description links

You can now double click the task description to open the ‘Task Comments & Photo’s’ screen – making communication between the project manager and the task’s assigned contractor easier than ever.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163