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General UPDATE – 1 November

Variation communication and approvals – Update

  • The branch can now “Request approval” from their clients for a variation. The client will receive an email notifying them of this request. 
  • Both branch users and clients can add comments on pending variations. 
  • The client can either accept or decline a variation, and the branch will receive notification and confirmation of their acceptance or decline.
  • Branch users can also accept or decline this variation on the client’s behalf when confirmation is received via email or other means.  
  • All variation communication, approvals or declines are noted in the projects audit trail.
  • Read more about Rave’s Variations update here.

Remove old contractors from templates with merged contractor accounts – Update

  • The primary contractor, in an inactive/active or old/new contractor merge, is now included when a previously saved schedule template is loaded.

Add a Secondary Contractor to receive email notifications – Update

  • Secondary contractors can now be added to a scheduled task, and will also receive notifications in the same way that the primary contractor currently does.

Top Sales Person report – Update

  • There is a new “Top Sales Report” added to Sales Reports for those using a company user login. It provides an overview report on the number of sales made by a group or selected salesperson. The numbers in each column represent the number of “won” projects by a particular salesperson for that month. The report also highlights the salespeople with the highest number of sales made each month.

Stage Claim Tab name change – Update

  • The Stage Claim tab has been renamed Progress Payment.

Option to load a Company or Branch Progress Payment template – Update

  • When loading a Progress Payment template to a project, users now have the choice to either load a branch level template or a company level template.

Improved progress payment edit functionality – Update

Users can now:

  • Edit, update, add and remove lines in a progress payment template.
  • Save their progress payment schedule as a new template.
  • Delete all stage claims to remove invoices and payments made from RAVE. 

Batch request/Batch Payment functionality – Update

  • Users can now select and action multiple line items when either requesting or paying payment requests.

Share progress payments with contractor – Update

  • Progress payments can now be shared with contractors and suppliers. They can be shared either with or without the payment amount. 

GST tax – Update

  • The budget and progress payment sections of Rave now reflect the correct GST tax levels for a branch’s country. Australian branches will now show a 10% tax rate, versus the 15% tax rate for New Zealand branches.

XERO disconnect button – Update

  • A “Disconnect” button has been added so that users can now disconnect Rave from XERO at any time.