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Variation Request/Approval UPDATE – 1st November

Variations. Last time we mentioned them on our blog we had Andy discussing how best to navigate them as a project manager, ensuring they’re a positive rather than a stressful and negative process for all involved. In that same tone, today we are going to highlight an extremely helpful update recently added by the Rave Build team that will make ugly variations disputes a thing of the past!

Project managers can find their Variation tools within the Project Overview of any current build. Once a stage claim template has been loaded, the Variation box appears, allowing you to add a variation – as a Pending Variation, along with a brief description of it, and a quoted $ amount.

Begin the variation approval process by clicking “Add”, and filling in the details.

Once loaded, the variation is listed in the Pending Variations box where the project manager is given further options, including the ability to “Request Approval” from the client – a comment can also be added at this stage. When this has been triggered, the client will be notified of the request, and they-to will have various options to action – as long as they have client portal access.

Clicking “Action”, and then “Request Approval” will move this pending variation into the client’s corner, giving them the option to Accept or Decline.
If a client chooses to Decline the variation offer, they can add a comment of their own.

Whatever decision the client makes, the project manager will be notified of their update through their own messages.

Clicking on the comment that comes through, will send you to the stage claim area, and allow for further assessment. In this example below, we see that the client has declined a request for a garage variation quoted at $200,000, and came back with a comment asking if it could be done at a cheaper price. The pending variation has now been moved to Declined Variations.

If the needs of the client can, in fact, be met, the project manager may wish to fire through a new, adjusted variation request right away.

Thanks to the cloud-based, real-time, nature of RAVE, this entire process can be performed without phone calls and emails, while ensuring all parties are informed and pleased.

If the client is happier with the new offer from the project manager, they may accept the new variation request.

This new pending variation was within the client’s ideal price range, so they’ve accepted.

Once accepted, the project manager will receive another message, and the variation will be moved into the Variation box. Note: Once an action has been made, all comments on the pending variations will be removed, this is to reduce clutter on the page and create a smoother experience. But fear not, all messages and comments will always be available in the messages tab and the Audit trial for the Project Manager.

Through the Progress Payment tab, payment can be requested from the client, which will notify the accounts person and be pushed through via Xero automatically.

When accepted Variations are marked as paid, the totals found at the bottom of the Progress Payments page are updated. These amounts are broken into Contract Price, Total Including Variations, Paid to Date, and Balance of contract Payable. This table gives a clear view of the progress of payments related to the build.

So, in summary, this update is extremely useful for managing the variations process in a precise and clear manner. It not only keeps things free of confusion and misinterpretation, but it allows for progress and efficiency at every step of the way. From the clients view, the ability to be kept informed and accept variations is available. And for project managers, you’re able to meet the needs of your clients easier than ever before.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163

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