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General UPDATE – 3 December

“Schedule comments & photos” – Update

  • New permission named “Schedule comments & photos” has been added, which means even when the “Schedule editing” permission is turned off for a user, they can still add comments and photos when “Schedule comments & photos” permission is turned on.

Full-time Equivalent Report – New Feature

A new report is available within the Site/Build tab under Branch login titled FTE report. This is a visual Gantt chart that displays:

  • What project a particular contractor is working on, and what day/s they are working on it.
  • Also displaying all project tasks for each contractor and the time they are working on it.

Gantt Chart speed-up, and filter added – Update

  • The schedule Gantt Chat has been refined and sped up, as well as being updated with a date range filter addition. By default, the Gantt will be displayed for a 3-month range.

Schedule Gantt Filter – New Feature

  • A handy new filter has been added in the dropdown menu inside the build overview tab, when viewing the schedule’s Gantt chart, and searching by contractor. These filters are Company, Trade, and Contractor name. These provide greater specificity when viewing Schedule Gantt.

Change ordering of Stage Claim – Update

  • Users can now change the order of stage claim lines in the progress payments tab.

Stage claim draft to Xero excludes clients name – Bug Fix

  • The above-mentioned bug is fixed.

Declined variations ‘delete button’ did not work – Update

  • As it is important to easily track declined variations, the delete button has been removed. “Action” button for declined variations is removed.

Current Day is now Highlighted on all calendars – Update

Comments in variations disappear after a variation is accepted or declined – Update

  • Comments are now kept even after variations are accepted or declined.

Contractors cannot see Project Manager responses – Bug fix

  • Contractors can now see the response from Project Managers on their queries.

XERO Available Status reminder when requesting Progress payments – New Feature

  • Rave will remind you to connect to XERO if XERO is not already connected.

Change contractor on Schedule Page – Update

  • Users can now change contractor on schedule page quickly without clicking on Edit.

Progress payment requests – Bug Fix

  • The above-mentioned bug is fixed.