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Site Log tips for great communication

You’re probably well aware by now that here at Rave Build, we think keeping the key members of a project informed and up to date is extremely important. It shows in our software, where we have multiple tools and features that strive to do exactly that. 

Today we will be walking you through our newest feature that targets this transparency and attention to detail that we so heavily believe in. The key members of a project that we will be considering in today’s example are the Client of the build and those in Branch view who are involved in the build.

Firstly, project staff have access to the Site Log, which can be located by going to the Site/Build tab, selecting the project in question, then clicking Site Log in the Build Overview menu.

This Log tracks all project manager and contractor comments made on tasks within the build, highlighting any delays and more. As shown clearly above, we can see there is a record of the task in question, the commenter, a categorised reason behind the comment and/or a delay, then the comment and associated files where required. These comments are organised in chronological order headed by the most recent of them. When these comments are made, the project manager or contractor assigned to the task will be notified via Rave’s inbuilt notification system. This information can come in extremely handy – should the Client query any delay in the project’s completion for example.

It’s pretty clear that the Site Log contains a lot of information that may not be necessary to communicate the Client, but should certainly be logged and recorded. Because of this, we have outlined an extremely handy and functional tip to keep Clients informed on the daily happenings and progress on site. This follows below.

  • To create a custom Daily Site Log for your Client, simply head to the project’s schedule, and click on the Action button on the top right. Then select ‘Add Milestone’.
  • Name this Milestone ‘Site Communications’ or something similar. Then, within this Milestone, create a task titled ‘Client Log’. By assigning your Client the role of ‘Contractor’ within this Task, and provided they have client portal access, they will be notified as comments and updates are added and have access to this custom Log. Uncheck the Visibility checkbox, and set the Planned Duration to ‘1’ to keep things nice and clean.
  • Once successfully created, comments can be added by the project manager or client to the ‘Site Communications’ Task as shown below, each with the ability to add a comment reason, too.
  • This then jumps to the top of the “Client Log”, as visible by the project manager and client. And again, the Client will receive a notification for this.

We can follow a very similar process when wanting to create a Daily Log for our Site Foreman. We follow these same steps, however when we are adding the Log in the form of a Milestone Task, title it ‘Site foreman – Daily Update to Site Log’, and assign our lead contractor as the task ‘Contractor’, then untick the Visibility checkbox and click ‘add task’.

All of these comments and updates, whether they’re being added to the Foreman’s log or the Clients, will also be recorded into the project’s main ‘Site Log’.

We hope you get some great benefit out of today’s walkthrough and are able to provide greater clarity to your clients and contractors alike!

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163