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General UPDATE – 22 January

Sales Person and Sub Opportunities Client CSV upload – Bug Fix

  • The above-mentioned bug is now fixed.

Follow-up Priority setting – New Feature

  • When adding a follow up in the clients tab by clicking “Add follow-up”, there is a new field named “Priority” that users can utilise and set the follow up as a “High/Medium/Low” priority.

Audit log for turning schedule notifications on/off trigger – Update

  • When users turn notifications on or off in the schedule, it is now recorded in the audit trail.

Daily Gantt Printing across month – Bug fix

  • The above-mentioned bug is fixed.

Faster Progress Payment Page loading – Update

  • The speed of the progress payment page has been improved.

Progress Payments Pre-Contract section renamed Non-Contract – Update

  • The Pre-Contract section under the Project’s Progress Payments tab has been renamed Non-Contract. And, this section will now remain open for users to add entries, even after the stage claim template has been loaded.

Progress Payment buttons – Update

  • The “Batch Payment”, “Batch Request” and “Load Template” buttons in the Progress Payment tab have all been moved into the Stage Claim section, as all of these buttons only relate to the Stage Claim section.

Print invoice requests on one page – Update

  • Invoice requests are now printed on one page.

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