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Rave Build are here to support you during our Alert Level 4 shutdown

Hey everyone, we hope you’re all keeping safe, and that those working in industries currently classed as “non-essential” are ready to stay home for the next four weeks. We just wanted to let you know that for the Rave Build team it is almost business as usual – the team are all working from home, during the isolation period, where we can continue to provide customer service and training support for all of our users.

We know that the majority of our users are in the residential building or renovation industry, which are likely to be classed as non-essential industries during the upcoming new alert level. We believe that some of this newly available time is perfect for our users to increase their familiarity and use of Rave Build, adding in additional Rave Build systems to save them future time and headaches. We have recently upgraded our Rave Help portal, and you can discover these changes easily by checking out our recent blog post here. Our new portal can help you get up to speed with Rave at your own pace, in your own time.

For those who would like to block out the next 4 weeks in their build schedules, please use this link to have all of your schedules blocked out for the next 4 weeks as non-work days.  

We wish you the utmost safety in these challenging times and want to reiterate that you can still count on the Rave Build team for the same local support as always.