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General UPDATE – 5 May

Client page loading speed – Update

  • The above-mentioned functionality has been sped up.

Items per page is held – Update

  • The number of items per page set by the user, currently default to 10, will remain when the page is refreshed.

‘Sales Overview’ date range is held – Update

  • A selected date range will now hold when you navigate to another page from “Sales Overview” report.

Client list upload with invalid contract signed date – Update

  • Previously, if the contract signed date format was invalid, the client will not be loaded into the branch database, now, the client will still be loaded into the system.

Schedule rollback appears in the audit trail – Update

  • Now, whenever a schedule is rolled back, the action will be recorded in the audit trail.

Existing contractor access to new branch message – Update

  • We have updated the wording on this notification email – providing additional support for contractors and suppliers who haven’t accessed their Rave Build account in some time.

Checklists template load in wrong order – Bug fix

  • The above-mentioned bug is now fixed

Message attachments – Bug fix

  • Project message attachments were not being saved once the message was sent – this bug has been fixed.

Print visible schedule button save as PDF – Update

  • The above-mentioned functionality has been added

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163