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Rave Build upgrade for contractors and suppliers

Contractors and suppliers are as crucial to a project’s success as any aspect, and ensuring high buy-in from your contractors and subbies is something that you must prioritise. And, If you are wanting to get back to working some normal hours, or more effectively manage multiple builds, it is crucial that you have your contractors and suppliers on board with using Rave Build.

If you’re reading this as a contractor or subbie yourself, keep reading! This blog will outline the numerous ways you can find support and advice on getting the most out of your interactions with RAVE and what is available to make your role within each and every project a successful one! You’d be surprised at the time it saves on your end if you’re using RAVE to it’s fullest potential, it doesn’t just help branch users! You can avoid having to call the building company, site foreman, or office team at unnecessary times as RAVE is there to provide you with all the key documents and info regarding when you need to be on-site and what you need to be doing.

As discussed in our last extended blog, Rave Help has undergone a recent renovation that involved the inclusion of key training videos. These videos are perfect to get your RAVE experience off to a smooth start, or great as refreshers to clear up any questions you may have had. As part of this, there were sets of videos added pertaining to the incorporation of contractors and suppliers into projects within RAVE.

This was crucial to include for us here at RAVE, as one of the biggest challenges our project managers face is their contractors saying they don’t know how to use Rave Build -they’ve put it in the too hard basket, and may think “Come on mate, it’s just easier if we keep calling you at six in the morning to find out what we’re doing today.”

The contractor and supplier specific training videos can be found by clicking on “Contractors and supplier training” when you’re in Rave Help (More info on Rave Help and how to access it here – ). The topics include Getting set up in Rave Build, Using Rave Build, and Tender Submissions.  These videos can be found by looking for any of the below title pages.

To utilize the effectiveness of these videos, we’ve now added these very video links to the automated email that all contractors added to RAVE, to added to a project in RAVE, that are sent. That way, your contractors and suppliers always have access to these videos when they may need them most.

Note: Another awesome contractor support feature are our self-help guides available to contractors when logged into RAVE. Here’s an example below – They point contractors in the right direction when it comes to navigating RAVE and getting the most out of their experience.

In addition to the videos discussed above, we have contractor and supplier training for our branch users – in this training, we cover the benefits of RAVE for your contractors and suppliers, 5 tips to improve their engagement, and all the ways we will support them if they need assistance. It may not appear all that important on first thought, but the more cooperative and involved your contractors and suppliers are with the project within RAVE, the smoother and more hassle-free the process should be for branch and admin users. Clients who have successfully implemented RAVE with their contractors and suppliers say they are saving 2hrs per project, per week in reduced phone calls, and more streamlined project management. Their cooperation strengthens the ease with which you can utilise RAVE to manage successful builds without the need to be so hands on – which is nearly impossible if you’re not on site every day. Check out the videos discussed within Rave Help, just look for the Business owners and key management staff training heading within Rave Help.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163