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Add multiple Contractors to a single task to keep communication at an elite level

While using Rave Build, you’ve probably noticed the time savings and efficiency gains you’re getting from the systems and automation built into our software. We take pride in providing these and love implementing new features and tweaks to make RAVE even smoother and provide even greater efficiencies for our users.

A recent addition to the schedule Task functionality is one of our most subtle-yet-super changes yet. You can now add MULTIPLE Contractors to any single task within RAVE! While this may seem like a small change for some, it is a massive leap forward for many of our clients.

I.e.You’ve got more than one Contractor playing a role in the completion of the task, so you want to assign them both. You have a primary Contractor for the task, but you also want to ensure specific other Contractors, or the office manager, or business owner is also aware of all the updates on this task.

There are two situations where you may want to add additional Contractors to a task, 1. When you’re setting up a new task from scratch or 2. You have an existing task that you wish to add other Contractors too – Let’s start with the former.

To add multiple Contractors to a NEW task, you just need to add a New Task, select your primary Contractor or Staff member, and then do the same for the additional Contractors by clicking on all of the names that you wish to “involve” in this task. This may be for a multitude of reasons, but as long as you want these additional contractors to see all task notes and receive notifications in real-time, then add them in!

The dropdowns you need to look for are the two on the right titled “Contractor” & “Secondary Contractor List”.

The other situation we mentioned follows a similar process. Open up the edit task box for the specific task you’re working on, and just select all of the Secondary Contractors from the Secondary Contractor List. As you can see below, available Contractors will display for you to select from. You can NOW pick more than one!

Once again, you’ll find the “Contractor” & “Secondary Contractor List” dropdowns on the right.

For both of the situations we’ve outlined above, all assigned Contractors can add and see task notes, mark tasks off as completed (from their end) and will be notified of any updates pertaining to the task. A simple little feature, but one that can provide great value when it comes to strengthening your communication with key members of your project!

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163