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General UPDATE – 2 July

Wording changes – Update

We have renamed a few terms and titles within Rave Build to allow for easier reading:

  • Renamed “Show schedule tasks in client login” to “Show schedule tab in client login” located within the Settings under the Client Login View tab.
  • Renamed “View all visible tasks” to “View all visible tasks (even if not assigned to client)” located within the Site/Build > Project > People tab > Add Client section at the top of the page.

Client List name searches require more than a few digits – Update

  • Users can now search clients by first and last names by entering as little as three to four digits.

Client List name searches displaying incomplete search results – Bug Fix

  • The above-mentioned bug is fixed.

Search by Location – Update

  • Users can search by “Location” on the Clients page.

Custom Export of Custom Client Enquiry Specifications shows Yes/No rather than value – Bug fix

  • The above-mentioned bug is fixed, by exporting actual values instead of just a yes/no result.

First and Last name matching on New Client screen – Update

  • First and Last name matches will now be highlighted when adding new clients in the New Client screen.

Random movement when pressing ‘Tab’ on the Adding a new Client screen – Update

  • The random movement that some users experienced when pressing the Tab button has been updated.

Line spacing in notes – Update

  • When a user presses enter while adding Client/Build notes, a single line spacing is provided instead of double line spacing.

Search by Contractor name and Company – Update

  • Users can now search by Contractor name and Company under Project > People > Add Contractor section.

Upload CSV files to task – Update

  • Users can now attach CSV files to task comments & photos section.

Upload to Project Images orientation issue – Bug fix 

  • Images are uploaded with correct orientation.

Closing client when build status is closed – Update

  • Previously, when a user changed the Build Status to “Closed”, it closed the Build but the Client details could still be edited. Now, when a Build is closed, the Client profile will be closed as well. Note: This will ONLY occur if no other active projects exist – if other projects do exist – it will close the project but client will stay active.

Edit requested and paid dates for Progress Payment – Update

  • Users can now edit requested and paid dates on the Progress Payment page.

Company Reports (Beta) – Make Data Table headers sticky – Update

  • All data tables in Reporting (Beta) have been changed to sticky headers, so that as a user scrolls down the page, the headers stick to the top once the user is past the fold.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163