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General UPDATE – 5 August

Clients name displays in the Client Profile browser tab – Update

  • When you click on a client’s name (from the client list), Rave Build will open a new tab to display the Client Profile. Previously, the tab had the tag ‘Clients – Rave Build’. Now the tab will display the Clients name, making it easier to find a specific Client Profile when multiple tabs are open.

Clients display under two different Salespeoples Reporting in beta – Bug Fix

  • When the salesperson was changed for a client, the client was showing up under the original and current salespeople. This bug is now fixed.

Search filters added to Reporting (beta) Branch Sales Overview – Update

  • Search filters for Salesperson and Build have been added on the Reporting (beta) Branch Sales Overview page.

Irrelevant symbols displayed on Client Export – Bug Fix

  • When clients were exported on Windows Excel, some punctuation was displaying as irrelevant symbols in the export. The above-mentioned bug is fixed.

Display Tenants on the Project Details page – Update

  • A “Tenants” field is has been added to the Project Details page, also showing the number of Tenants added to the project – similar to what has been displayed for “Contractors”.

Remove Milestone & Tasks limits for build types – Update

  • Previously, when a build type is set as either “Renovation” or “Garage”, there has been a limit to the number of milestones or tasks in the schedule. These limits have now been removed “Renovation” or “Garage” build types.

Print Task Gantt to one page – Update

  • Schedule Task Gantts can now be printed on one page, via the new print option “Print to one page”. For further details, please refer to our brand new ‘How to’ blog here.

Message Templates are only available to the person who loaded them – Update

  • While saving a message as a message template, users can now choose to save as either a “User template” or a “Branch template”. When saved as a Branch template, all users in the Branch have access to them. When saved as a “User template”, only the person who saved it can access the template.

Converting a Contact to Contractor data dropped bug – Bug Fix

  • The above-mentioned bug is fixed.

Timesheet already logged in alert – Update

  • If any staff or contractor has an active timesheet timer running, and they attempt to add a new timesheet entry, RAVE will now display a message to say ‘Please stop the timer on Build XYZ to proceed’.

Contractors can now edit Timesheet entries more than 7 days old – Update

  • To set this, under Branch login head to Settings (new), and then Contractor login view, and set Timesheet edit days. All contractors in the Branch will be able to edit Timesheet entries within these specified days.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163