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General UPDATE – 1 September

Company Wide Client Search in Reporting (New) – Update

  • Users with Branch level reporting permissions can now search for a client or project across their whole business – searching by first and last name, address, project, and phone number.

New Client Estimated Budget carries through to Project Details- Bug Fix

  • Client estimated budget is carried through to project details after adding the client.

Client Lost Report – Update

  • This is a Company-level overview report that shows the number of clients lost for each reason category over a selected time period. Branch level “Clients Lost” report shows each client that was lost in the time period, and gives any additional commentary provided by the sales person.

Highlighted current opportunity in Reporting (New) – Update

  • The current opportunity is now highlighted on the Reporting (New) sales overview report.

Hide closed clients in new Reporting (New) – Update

  • Closed clients will no longer be displayed on a Salesperson’s & Branch’s Reporting (New) Sales Overview page.

Secondary Contractor saving to schedule templates – Update

  • Secondary contractors are now saved along with primary contractors and staff when saving schedule templates.

Contractor Timesheet clockout when removed from a project – Update

  • When a contractor is removed from a project, we will automatically clock out all associated time entries that they have related to the project.

Attach files to variations – Update

  • Branch users and clients can now attach files to pending variations while adding comments.

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