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General UPDATE – 4 November

Client “opt-in for emails” tick box – New Feature

  • The tick box,I Would Like to Receive Marketing Emails” has been added to the Add New Client workflow, and Show home portal form. This data can now be extracted with the Client Custom Export.

Client Type classification – New Feature

  • When adding/editing clients, users can now select whether the client is a “Person” or “Company” – this will dictate whether the clients personal or business name is displayed on the client table.

Client group classification – New Feature

  • A new filter type “Client Group” has been added on the Clients page to allow for enhanced reporting.  By default, the Client Group selection dropdown will display the following options:
  • All
  • No Client type
  • Property manager
  • Cash sale
  • Body corp
  • Landlord
  • Real estate
  • Unknown

Only pending follow ups appear in the next 7 days” table and calendar – Update

  • Follow ups with status “Accepted” and “TBA” are now also displayed on RAVE dashboard, “Next 7 days”, “My follow ups” and on the calendar.

Client Follow Up table. “Created At” date added – Update

  • A new column “Created At” has been added to the client follow up table (at the tip of the client overview) to show the date when a follow up was created.

Missing overdue follow ups – Bug Fix

  • An issue where some of the follow ups were not showing up in the report is now fixed.

Suspending a Branch user did not update the Site Manager within project – Bug Fix

  • A Site Manager will be updated along with the Project Manager when a user is suspended.

Missing overdue follow ups – Bug Fix

  • An issue where some of the follow ups were not showing up in the report is now fixed.

Secondary Contractors were not saving against tasks in the Schedule – Bug Fix 

  • The above-mentioned bug is now fixed to show secondary contractors in the tasks they’re saved into.

Removing a person from a Schedule – Bug Fix

  • When users were removed from a project, they were popping back into the schedule when the schedule was being saved as a schedule template. This bug has been fixed.

Contractor upload file size increase – Update

  • Contractors can now load files with an increased size limit up to 50MB – previously the limit was 20MB.

New permission setting – ability to view progress payment – Update

  • A new permission “View progress payment” has been added to the progress payment workflow. When “View Progress payment” is turned on, users will be able to view the Progress payment page in the project –> Progress payment, Site/Build –> Progress payment. When the permission is unticked, a branch user cannot view these pages.

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