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General UPDATE – 20 January

Project Status field – Update

  • We have added a project status field on the build create/edit page, so that the user can select a project status when adding a new build, this is not a required field.
  • We have also added a bulk action for updating multiple projects’ project statuses.

Project’s ‘People’ tab – Update

  • The “Email” field has been added to all people’s profile’s details section i.e. the client, tenant, contractor, staff and site manager.
  • A sort button has been added to the “Add contractor” and “Add staff” sections.

Rave project messaging adding multiple attachments – Update

  • Users can now upload multiple attachments, when sending project messages, without having to select all of them from one folder only.

Progress Payment info to Xero – Bug Fix

  • Invoices sent to Xero will only pull through what is entered into the description box by the client.

Rave Reporting (NEW) – Update

  • Closed and Lost clients are now filtered from the Sales Pipeline by Sales Person Sales graph.
  • We’ve added an “Invoice details” column, to the Invoices first report table, which shows all the different types of invoices in one table.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163