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General UPDATE – 24 February

Dashboard ‘My Follow-Up’ display fix – Update

  • The Dashboard “My Follow-up” ‘Show X entries’ user selection is now kept on the home dashboard even after the page is refreshed.

Clients and SiteBuild filter by Search Field text disappears – Bug Fix

  • Previously, when a Client or Project search has been made, and the user clicks to a new Clients/Closed Clients page or SiteBuild/Closed Build page, the search text disappears, but the search is still in effect – hiding the full client or project list. Now, the search text will continue to be displayed.

Default Client Profile Country and Post Country – Update

  • When adding a new Client, The default “Country” and “Post Country” will now match the country as per the Country selected in the Branch settings.

“Client” and “Client Overview” page refresh with a Client Opportunity change – Update

  • Now when you update a client opportunity on the Client or Client Overview page, RAVE will automatically refresh that page. If the branch has the automated Job Number set up turned on – the Job Number will also update automatically whenever the trigger opportunity is selected.

Branch users can now edit and delete Client and Build notes – Update

  • Branch users can now edit and delete Client and Build notes. Updates to Client Notes will be recorded in the Client Log, and updates to Project Build notes will be recorded in the project’s Audit Trail.

NEW Build Overview Project and Sales/Project Opportunity Dropdowns – Update

  • The Build Overview “Project Status” field, is now a handy dropdown, allowing you to update the Project Statuses quickly – without the need to open and edit the project details.
  • We have also added the ‘Sales Opportunity’ to the Build Overview page, again, allowing you to update the sales/project opportunity quickly – without the need to open and edit the project details.

Wording changes on the Contractor “File Upload” page – Update

  • The category “Department of Labour OSH and safety requirements met by this Company” wording has been changed to “Workplace Health and Safety policy”
  • The “Associations affiliated with” wording has been changed to “Associations affiliated with (Master Builders, Master Electricians etc)

Rave Messaging attachments not attaching – Bug Fix

  • Previously when a project message was sent via Rave messaging, and the tick box to also send as an external email has been ticked, attachments to the message were not included on the outbound email. This bug has been fixed.

Branch User copying of Contractor files – Update

  • Branch users can now copy files uploaded by contractors and suppliers, to other file folders within the same project.

Closed build tasks hidden from Site Managers and Site Staff – Update

  • Previously assigned tasks from closed builds were being displayed in Site Manager and Site Staff ‘Scheduled Tasks’.  Assigned tasks will no longer be displayed if the project is closed.

New Reporting (NEW) 10% sub opportunity report – Update

  • We have added a new ‘10% sub opportunity’ report, allowing branch users to report how an enquiry has been made/the source of a new enquiry via the 10% sub opportunity – in addition to the existing ‘Source of Lead’ report. 

New Reporting (NEW) Top Salespeople by Sales dollar value report – Update 

  • Currently company users can display the Top Salespeople by sales quantity, we have added a new report allowing company users to display the Top Salespeople by sales value.

Quote Request attachments added to Quote Request emails – Rave Financial Update

  • Quote Request attachments are now added to Quote Request emails – allowing contractors and suppliers to access these via the Quote Request email.

Prioritise Notes/Messages in Quote Request and Purchase Order emails –  Rave Financial Update  

  • Any Notes/Messages included in a Rave Financial Quote Request or Purchase Order email, have been moved to the top of the email – so contractors and suppliers will see these important details first.

Per metre to metre(s) description change – Rave Financial Update

The ‘per’ unit of measure descriptions have been changed as below – improving the layout of the Rave Financial “Generate Proposal” Quote and Estimate.

  • Per metre = metre(s)
  • Per roll = roll(s)
  • Per sheet = sheet(s)
  • Per packet = packet(s)
  • Per hour = hour(s)
  • Per week = week(s)
  • Per month = month(s)

Save Terms & Conditions as Templates – Rave Financial Update

  • Branches can now upload their default Terms and Conditions to the Rave Financial system – via the Branch Login → Settings → Advance Branch Settings → Financial Settings. The default Terms and Conditions can then be added to the Client’s Quote or Estimate.

CSV upload for Purchase Orders and Bills – Rave Financial Update

  • Purchase Orders and Bills can now be uploaded as a CSV file – via the Add a Purchase Order and Add a Bill dropdown – using the Purchase Orders and Bills CSV file layout.

Add markup to Purchase orders – Rave Financial Update

  • Branch users can now add a markup to Purchase Orders at an inventory line level and/or an overall Purchase Order level.

Bill in Billed Date – Rave Financial Update

  • The “No Date” option has been removed from the Bills In page.

Supplier Bill Number and Project Number order change in Xero – Rave Financial Update

  • The Supplier Bill Number is now displayed first, followed by the Job Number in Xero

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163