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General UPDATE – 6 April

Show Home portal + Follow Up – Update 

  • Follow ups can now be added from the “Show home” portal form.

“How did you hear about us?” moved to Client Specifications – Update

  • The “How did you hear about us?” section is has been moved from the Clients Profile, to the Client Specification section of Rave.

Show Home Portal client notes are added with an ‘ Unknown User’ – Bug Fix

  • The Show Home Portal client notes are now added to Rave with the user’s name.

Add Client follow up mandatory fields – Update

  • Mandatory fields now have red * (asterix) in this part of Rave.

Follow-up declined notification – Update

  • When a follow-up status is changed to “Declined”, a notification will be sent out to the staff member that created the follow-up. 

New Client upgrade – Updates

  • A new ‘Lead’ Build Status has been created. Projects with the “Lead” Build Status, can now be filtered from the Site/Build Project listing page. 
  • Also, the Filter “All States” is now renamed to “All States (excl. Lead)” which will only display projects that are set as “Pending”, “Active” and “Maintenance”.

Cancelling an “Edit Project” takes you back to the Site/Build list – Bug Fix

  • This bug has been fixed – users will now be taken back to the Project’s Overview page.

Printing a Schedule Gantt filtered by staff displays all tasks – Bug Fix

  • This bug has been fixed – the print preview will only display the tasks attached to the filtered users.

Progress Payments marked as Paid error – Bug Fix

  • Some large value progress payment requests could not be marked as paid – this bug has now been fixed.

“My Tasks” in a Site Staff’s login is displaying ‘All Tasks’ – Bug Fix

  • Now, the Site Staffs “All Tasks” table displays only the tasks that are assigned to the site staff member.

Cannot access “Show home” from Branch settings page – Bug Fix

  • Previously, the “Show home” link was unable to be accessed from a number of pages within Rave – this bug has now been fixed.

Contractor/Supplier Quote Request PDF now includes Site Contact information – Update

  • Updated as above.

Multiple selection plus “Select All” option added to the Site Staff drop-down menu – Update

  • Multiple Site Staff can now be selected for a project, and also added more quickly with the ‘Select All’ option.

An Opportunity column has been added to the Reporting (New) Lost Clients table – Update

  • Now the Lost Clients report will display the “Opportunity” at which a client was marked as Lost.

Company name displayed – Improvement

  • When the Client type is set as “Company”, the company name will be displayed along with Client name on the Project Overview, and the Client Overview pages.

Site Staff and Site Managers can now tick off checklist items – Update

  • Site Staff and Site Managers can now tick off checklist items similarly to branch staff members, Contractors/Suppliers, and Clients.

Secondary notification email(s) for contractors and suppliers – Update

  • Multiple secondary emails (up to nine) can now be set for a contractor as additional notification emails. All the secondary emails will also receive notification emails, the same as the primary email.

Site Staff and Site Managers added to the ‘Add Appointment’ system – Updates

  • The Site Staff and Site Manager list will now be displayed along with the Branch staff, as an option to select when adding an appointment.

Project/Job Estimate Budget terminology – Updates

  • The ‘Estimate Budget Value’ on the Client Enquiry specification form has been changed to read as the “Client Estimated Budget”.
  • The ‘Estimate Budget Value’ on the Project Enquiry specification form has been changed to “Build Estimated Budget”.
  • The “Client Budget Value’ on the Project Details page has been changed to “Client Estimated Budget”. 
  • The “Estimate” on the Project Details page, has been changed to ‘Build Estimated Budget”.

Quote Request email –  Rave Financial Update

  • Now a Quote Request can be created without having to send an email to the contractor/supplier

New Estimate Proposal template –  Rave Financial Update

  • We’ve added a new “Minimal without Prices” proposal design, which generates the proposal with just a scope of work (optional) and price totals.

Ability to roll-back the estimate –  Rave Financial Update

  • Now users with Branch Owner permissions can roll-back approved estimates.

Sort options added to the Financial Overview page –  Rave Financial Update

  • Sort buttons have been added to the “Estimate”, “PO Total”, “Bills In” and “Invoices Out” columns

Non-numerical ‘dollar’ box errors –  Rave Financial Bug Fix

  • The unit price input box now lets users enter the dollar symbol ($), negative symbol (-), or decimal symbol (.), along with numbers.

Order number suffix –  Rave Financial Update

  • The order numbers format has been changed to include a suffix. For example, QR-140613-1, QR-140613-2, and QR-140613-3 etc…

Cannot add Markup/Margin to an invoice when created by a bill –  Rave Financial Update

  • Markup will now be displayed on the create invoice page, based on the source order markup. For example, if the source order is a Bill, when we click on the create invoice button, we will copy all items to the invoice creation page, and we will also copy the markup. Please know this is for display purpose only.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163