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Include or Exclude GST – Update

Hello again Rave Build users. Today we’re showcasing a new update that comes in handy when creating Estimates and Purchase Orders – as well as receiving Bills in. 

Users can now select whether they want to include or exclude GST (Goods and Services Tax) when working at an order or item line level.

When Purchase orders and Bills are created from a Quote, all tax configurations will be automatically copied over. Similarly, When an invoice is created from multiple Bills, Quotes, and Purchase Orders, the tax configuration on an Invoice will be the same as the tax configuration on the first Quote, Purchase Order or Bill as selected.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163