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General UPDATE – 4 May

Client Project Portal Tutorial added to Rave Help – Update

  • We have added a NEW Project Portal video tutorial to Rave Help, showing client’s how to access their build project and project details.  If you have decided to give your clients access to their build, you can include the link, along with their Rave login details.

Address to Show Home Portal – Update

  • We have added an Address field to the “Show home” portal form, when completed this address will be loaded in to the client’s “Client physical address” section of their client profile.

New Client group added – Improvement

  • A new Client group “Developer/Spec Home” has been added, with the default Client type “Person”.

Allow spaces and dashes in phone numbers – Update

  • You can now include spaces or dashes when editing a contractor/supplier phone number (for example: 07-223-5412) – this will no longer result in an error.

Google maps/address search upgrade – Update

  • Rave address entries have been updated to incorporate the Google Map search API

Client and Build note search feature – Update

  • Client and Build notes can now be searched with keywords.

Allow spaces when searching for a client by name – Update

  • Users can now search for Clients with two names separated by a space.

Searching by Phone number – Update

  • Users can now search for clients by their phone numbers.

All messages option for Client and Contractor messages – Improvement

  • All sent and received messages in the client or contractor login can now be viewed via the “All Messages” option

Display Branch Name on the email sent to Contractors – Update

  • If there is a “reply to” email added in the Branch settings, we will now display the Branch name when Quote Requests and Purchase Orders are sent to contractors and suppliers.

Last login on staff users – Improvement

  • A “Last login” column has been added to the Staff Users table.

Client Type and Client Group added to the Site/Build custom export – Update

  • Update as above.

Export contractor list update request – Improvement

  • When a contractor list is exported, the email and user name are now exported in separate columns.

Product Inventory CSV Upload – Rave Financial Update

  • When a CSV is uploaded to the product inventory, and it contains a line item with the same code, name and description (an existing inventory item) but with a different price, the existing inventory’s item price will be updated.

Quote Request ‘Save & Send’ option – Rave Financial Update

  • We now have added a ‘Save & Send’ option, to speed the process of sending edited Quote Requests. 

“Processing Bill” Checkbox added to Purchase Order Create and Edit pages – Rave Financial Update

  • When the “Processing Bill” checkbox is ticked, the status ‘processing’ will be displayed in the status column on the project’s purchase order list tab.

This flag will be turned off for a Purchase Order when a Bill is added that references it.

NEW “Partially Paid” Bills page filter – Rave Financial Update

  • Users can now filter bills that are partially paid, with the new “Partially Paid”  filter added.

Site address push to Xero – Rave Financial Update

  • When sending invoices to Xero, the site address is appended to the Job Number in the reference field.

Progress Payment improvements – Rave Financial Update

  • The Lines in the Non Contract and Variation sections can now be reordered with a “Move Up”/”Move Down” action option.
  • The Variation description input box has been upgraded allowing up to 4,000 characters.  Furthermore, the whole variation description is now displayed on the variation approval document.
  • Payment requests have been renamed – changed from “Request” to “Request Payment”

Credit note Reports – Rave Financial Update

  • Two new reports: “Client Credit Notes” and “Supplier Credit Notes”, have been added in to the Company and Branch level Budget reports.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163