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General UPDATE – 3 June

Email marketing ticked as default – Update

  • The “Opt into email marketing” checkbox is ticked by default when adding clients from Rave and the Show Home form.

Client Profile and Build notes line breaks – Update

  • Spacing and dividers have been added between Client Profile and Build notes.

Validate when spaces are entered in user name – Update

  • Spaces saved before and/or after usernames can cause havoc for new users of RAVE.  We have added a validation process to avoid spaces when setting up a username for Clients, Contractors, Branch Users, Site staff, and Site Managers.

Build address form reword – Update

  • The “Address No” field has been merged with the “Street Address” on the create/edit build page.

Ability to add more than one Site Manager to the project – Update

  • This update clarifies a situation around Site Managers. Projects now have a “primary site manager”, but can have additional secondary Site Managers added as well.
  • Branch Users can now add multiple secondary Site Managers under “site staff” in the peoples tab/list along with the one primary Site Manager.
  • Please note: Only the primary Site Manager receives Site Manager notifications.

Replace “Sales Reports” with link to “Reporting (New)” – Update

  • The “Sales reports” menu link now points to Reporting (New)

Send Quote Requests to Suppliers – Rave Financial Update

  • Quote requests can now be sent to those contacts noted as “suppliers” in the contractors/contacts tab.

Ability to link Quotes on the Quote Request tab – Rave Financial Update

  • You can now link quotes via the “Associated Quote Request” dropdown on the Quote and Quote Request pages.
  • Any unassociated Quotes/Quote Requests from the same supplier of a Quote/Quote Request will be available in the ‘Associated Quote’ drop-down list.

“Accept Quote” rename – Rave Financial Update

  • “Accept Quote” has been renamed as “Approve Quote” – in the Quote Action dropdown.
  • This will add the quote to your back costing page, but not into your client estimate i.e. you are accepting the quote as an expense to be carried, but it is not to be added to your client estimate.
  • If you would like to add this to your client estimate, just click ‘Add to estimate’ – this will also be included in the back costing page.

Display the Estimate Contingency tick box –  Rave Financial Update

We have responded to a real-world need of our users – allowing their clients to show the bank a contingency figure, representing the absolute total cost of the project i.e. the maximum amount the bank would have to lend.

  • A tick box has been added to the Generate Proposal pop-up, giving users the ability to display or hide the contingency details on their client’s Quote/Estimate Proposal.

Auto-refresh when orders are sent to Xero – Rave Financial Update

  • Your page will automatically refresh when an order (PO/Bill/credit note/invoice) is submitted to xero.
  • This will also automatically refresh the “view in xero” link, letting you know when an order is successfully sent to XERO.

Invoice payment date added to Invoices out – Rave Financial Update

  • The invoice payment date is now displayed, when you open (show) an invoice.

Back Costing page updates – Rave Financial Update

These updates provide an improved view across the whole project, providing you with the knowledge to create more accurate forecasts in the future.  These updates include: 

  • A revamped real-time back costing page showing key insights on project spending, to help identify any problems occurring in the process. 
  • Spending breakdown by both Category and Supplier, right down to an individual order level.

“Add Supplier Credit Note” button – Rave Financial Update

  • An “Add a Supplier Credit Note” button has been added to the Bills page – removing this action from the Bills action dropdown menu

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163