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System-Wide Update – Monday 9th August

We have a major system-wide on Monday 9th August, and we encourage everyone to have a look around at the changes!

Put simply, as part of this release, RAVE is moving to a new platform with a new look and feel, plus some very cool updates! Some of the key updates are around Project Management – with the introduction of “click and drag” Scheduling and advanced Project Management features.

All of the existing functionality you already know and love is still here, but we have moved a few things around to make key actions more accessible, and improve your overall user experience in RAVE.

We have already shared a few announcements and banner alerts about early bird access – and again, we encourage everyone to check the new platform out, and have a play before we go live. To do so, just visit our test platform here and log in with your existing login and password.

We’ve also created a video overviewing some of the key changes and updates you’ll discover in our new platform – just click play on the image below.

The first thing you’ll notice when you log into RAVE from the blog, or from the update on Monday morning, is a visual change from the old blue and grey, to our new teal and white – with more white space and cleaner lines. This was done to freshen up the look of RAVE, but also to create a smoother and easier-to-navigate platform for our users.

From a sales person’s perspective, RAVE’s functionality hasn’t really changed. We have made the following updates:

  • Added a sortable ‘Created At’ date column to the Client list.
  • Added an Action Button to the Client page note’s section – for faster updates.
  • The ‘Sales Reports’ and ‘Reporting (New)’ dropdown links have now been merged to the new link ‘Reporting’.

If you’re not already familiar with the range of reports within our ‘Reporting’ portal – you can check out our reporting blog here.

For the Office Admin team users, we have made the following updates:

  • Added some new financial reports to ‘Reporting’. Including Client Invoices, and a new Budget reporting link containing a suite of reports for those who are using our Financial Management System.
  • We also have a number of Financial Management System updates – you can check these out in our latest blog – ‘General Update 9th August’ here.

We’ve made a number of improvements for the construction management team too. 

Firstly, we made changes and updates to our existing or “Classic Scheduling” – which is what everyone will automatically have access to. We recommend watching the video linked above to get the best run down, but these changes include:

  • The Schedule Action dropdown box has moved to the left next to the schedule name, while some of the key actions have become handy Schedule Sub Tabs. 
  • The Milestone Action dropdown box has also moved left – next to the milestone name.
  • Task List updates include the ability to edit task duration.
  • The contractor sign off request is now a blue/green highlight.
  • And we have also added a blue sign off request icon, and a red Contractor Clash Calendar icon if this feature is turned on.
  • Task View updates include the ability to zoom in/zoom out by hours, days, weeks, fortnightly, months, and years.
  • Click and drag functionality.
  • An undo/redo button.
  • The classic scheduling Settings Page acts at a per-project level, allowing you to add Holidays, Set Project Shutdown Period, Client Access Settings.

There is also a master Company Settings Page, which you can use to set the default settings across all existing and future projects. Only accessible by those with Business Owner permissions via Site/Build / Build Overview / Settings.

We have added an Activate Schedule button – to communicate to subcontractors that a project is now active.  With the option of turning schedule notifications ‘on’ as well – notifications are turned ‘off’ as a default.

And finally, we have a great new feature which allows you to Edit Schedule Templates. Access is available from Site/Build / Templates. Allowing you to edit and save changes made to a schedule template – outside of a Client’s project.

Secondly, our “Advanced Project Management system” – includes all of the classic updates with the additional features of using Linked Tasks, Predecessors, Critical Paths, and more powerful job communication options outlined below: 

  • The Schedule Action dropdown box – includes the options to set internal notifications for Task Accepted/Declined,and Task Reschedule– as well as the external notification of Task Reschedule Accept/Decline. For a full run down be sure to check out the video!
  • Under the Task List view – we have some new icons. Plus, with Advanced Scheduling, you can change the task duration from days to hours via the edit task button
  • And you have the ability to load a schedule template over an existing milestone, schedule or schedules.
  • There are a raft of Task GANT updates. Including the ability to add tasks and milestones on the GANT, “Click and Drag” whole milestones, as well as all new Linked Task features. We highly recommend checking out the video link above to learn about these features. We think you’ll find the “Show critical path” feature super handy too, as it shows which tasks directly affect a project’s completion date.
  • We wanted to let you know about some advanced Settings Page updates. With access to the Advanced Project Management system, you have the ability to set a project’s Working Days.
  • To turn on the sub-trades Task Acceptance and Propose a new Start Date process which are all part of our advanced task communication.
  • Of course, with advanced project management you can switch between classic and advanced scheduling for an individual project.

And finally, we have a Master Company Settings page. You can set the advanced default settings across all existing and future projects – that is holidays, shut down periods, workdays, task acceptance, client access, and the schedule mode – accessible to those with company owner permissions only.

There we have it, that covers the big changes within our system-wide release.

Key things to remember: Everyone will automatically switch over to our new look system and Classic Scheduling update. If you would like to upgrade to our Advanced Project Management and Communication System, please contact us via 07 210 2228 or email us at help@ravebuild.co.nz

Either way, we encourage everyone to log into the new system and have a play before we go live on Monday 9th August.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163