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‘Classic’ Task Gantt Updates

Hi everyone, we hope you are all safe in your bubbles. On the positive side, it’s a great opportunity to catch up with some admin, and learn more about RAVE’s new platform, functionality and features!  If you weren’t already aware of this, one of RAVE’s new features is to let you manage your own Christmas and Covid shut down non-work periods – the process to manage this is described in our ‘Update’ video here.  

Our development team have been busy this week, to further improve RAVE’s speed and performance across the board, we have pushed some updates to enhance our ‘Advanced’ scheduling linking of tasks, and have made the below changes to RAVE’s ‘Classic’ scheduling system – which are all now live.  

Firstly, we have identified that the ‘Classic’ scheduling ‘Click and Drag + Move all future tasks’ functionality is very processor hungry.  This has unfortunately created scheduling issues for those in areas of sub-par internet connectivity, and as a result, we have temporarily removed this while we do some further work on this feature.  In the meantime, we still have a number of ways to adjust tasks via the task Gantt view i.e. you can still:
– Click and drag individual tasks
– Hold ‘SHIFT + Click’ to select a number of tasks, and drag to move this task grouping (NEW feature)
– Double click on the task description or task Gantt block, and edit the task to move the selected task, all future tasks within the milestone (NEW option), or all future tasks.

Secondly, we have reduced the task Gantt column width, allowing up to 5 weeks of scheduling to be displayed via the ‘view by days’ option.

And finally, given the previous update, we have changed the default task Gantt view from ‘view by weeks’ to ‘view by days’ – this has also improved the accuracy and effectiveness of the single task click and drag functionality.