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General Update – 7 September

Reduced whitespace on Show Home portal – Update

  • The logo size has been increased on the Show Home/Home Show portal page, and the space between the logo and the form has been reduced.

Floating date header added to Schedule Task and Gantt view – Update

  • Update as noted above.

Removed closed projects from “My Hot Leads” – Update

  • When the build status is marked as “closed”, we now automatically mark the client opportunity as “closed”. This will remove the closed projects from the “My Hot Leads” table on the dashboard/home.

Checklist template improvements – Update

  • Checklist templates, and the to-do’s within checklists, can now be edited, added, and deleted.
  • Checklists, and the to-do’s, can now be ordered via drag and drop.

Schedule activation message is now optional – Update

  • When activating the schedule, the “Message for contractors“ table is now optional.

“Closed Client” table sorting functionality – Update

  • Sorting has been added to a few of the columns (email, sales, location) on the Closed Clients table.

“Adding Contractors will send an email” pop-up – Update

  • Background: New clients will often start adding contractors into Rave before a training and/or watching the video’s – and not realise that this will send a contractor invite email.
  • Fix: We have added a pop up letting clients know that adding a contractor will send out an invite email before they add a new contractor, or upload a contractor list.

Email subject line for Contractor Invitation emails – Update

  • The Subject line on the email that is generated when we add a contractor, is now updated from “Notification from Rave” to “Ravebuild notification from “Insert Branch Name here””.

Improved “Add Contractor” to a project selection update – Fix

  • Reported Issue: When loading new contractors to a project, the list displays all contractors in the branch, even those already in the project.
  • Fix: The contractor selection list is updated to display only the contractors that have not already been added to the project. Note: This update applies to the “Client”, “Office staff” and “Site staff” lists as well.

Issues Sending messages with “Other” category – Fix

  • Reported issue: When sending a message, and the category is selected as “Other”, and the user forgets to type in something in this field, Rave displays an error – and our Clients don’t realise that the error is because they’ve left the category blank.
  • Fix : We now marked all required fields, as such, so it is much clearer to identify what the issue is.

Removing Site Staff  – Update

  • Site staff/Managers can now be removed from your Branch. This can be done by simply suspending or replacing them with another Site Staff/Manager in the Branch. When suspended/replaced, they will be dropped from all of the “open” tasks in the schedule and template (if any). 
  • Note : Suspended site staff/manager will not be dropped off from their completed tasks.

Notification sent when Stage Claim template is deleted – Fix

  • Reported issue:  When a Stage Claim template is deleted, the accounts person gets notified. We send out one email for each of the line items in the template, which was annoying some users when they received multiple notifications.
  • Fix: Rave now sends out a notification only when a Stage Claim that is requested is deleted. No notifications are sent when Stage Claim that is NOT requested is deleted.

RAVE Reporting improvements – Update 

  • Totals have been added to the “Top sales people” report for both amounts and value.
  • A new ‘Job Summary’ report has been added under Branch/Sales which is an exportable summary report with project details – client name, contract name, site address, site manager, project manager, project status, project created date and build status.

All pages after estimate to show Exc & Inc GST price – Rave Financial Update

  • “Total (Exc GST)” column has been added to the “Purchase orders”, “Bills in” and “Invoices out” page.
  • Totals have been added to the bottom of the pages (Quotes & Prices/Purchase Orders/Bills In/Invoices out).

Confusion over removing contractor Quotes with Purchase Orders from the Estimate  – Rave Financial Fix

  • Reported Issue: There was some confusion when removing contractor quotes (with purchase orders) from the estimate.
  • Fix: To address this, we have now added a note to let users know that they need to make sure there are no purchase orders associated with a contractors quote before they can remove it from the estimate. 

Credit Note number is editable – Rave Financial Update

  • The Supplier credit note number is now editable (when creating credit note).

Ability to download/view all Quote request photos – Rave Financial Update

  • Rave now shows a lightbox for images on all Financial Document details pages (Quote Request, Quote, Purchase Order, Bill, Invoice, Credit Note), the same as the project images section.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163