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RAVE’s NEW Repeatable Appointments – Update

September and October continues to be very busy months for the RAVE development team, this week we release the second of our two NEW updates.

Create Repeated Appointments – Update

When adding appointments from the Homescreen’s ‘Next 7 Days’ or the monthly ‘Calendar’, users can now choose to create these as repeated events i.e. Great for daily meetings, weekly progress updates to clients, running monthly reports, and more!

Once the repeatable appointment is saved:

  • The appointment will be added to the user’s Calendar and the Homescreen’s Next 7 Days if due.
  • An email will be sent to the user to add the events to their external calendar as a repeatable event.
  • You can edit the appointment and easily convert a repeat appointment back to a singular event and vice versa.

You can give the appointment:

  • A title
  • Appointment details
  • Tick the ‘Repeat event’ tick box to activate the repeatable event features
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly frequency
  • Set the detailed parameters
  • Set a start and finish time
  • Select multiple branch user, site manager and site staff participants
  • And set the location

And that’s it for our latest update, the recurring appointments function is available for you to start using right now!