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General Update – 13 October

This update will go live the evening of Wednesday the 13th October.

Add Additional Client Contacts to Client Notifications – Update

  • Now, additional Client Contacts will also receive email notifications for assigned schedule task changes and messages – the same as the primary client.

Add BC Number on Site Build Page – Update

  • A Building Consent Number column has been added to the Site/Build’s Build Projects table.

Schedule Unsaved Changes Alert – Update

  • The Unsaved Changes alert pop-up when editing a schedule template has been updated as below.

Add “Hide Contractor Details” Option to Schedule Settings for Client Schedule View – Update

We’ve added a new setting “Allow clients to view task assignees,” under the Client Access section of the project and branch master Settings pages.

  • When this setting is on, and only if you’ve given your client access to view visible schedule tasks, the schedule tasks’ staff and contractor/supplier assignees are visible to the client – when this setting is off, clients will not be able to see who is assigned to scheduled tasks.  
  • This setting is turned off by default.

Add Task End Date on Mobile App Schedule View – Update

  • Task end dates have been added to the task details– when viewing these via the mobile app.

Extend “Schedule Editing” Permission Logic to Site Managers – Update

A new permission “Schedule editing” has been added for the site manager, which is on by default. When it is off, site managers can view the schedule, but they cannot add or edit tasks, and they can only change the status of the tasks that are assigned to them. They can still add comments to all of the tasks in the schedule.

As a part of this update, a few other changes have been done at the branch user and site staff user levels:

  • When a branch user does not have schedule editing permission, the Branch user can only add comments and change the status of their own tasks i.e. they can view but cannot add comments on other tasks.  
  • Site staff can always add comments and change the status of their own tasks, but they cannot add comments on tasks that are not assigned to them.

Allow Sorting on My Tasks Table  – Update

  • All columns can now be sorted on your “My Tasks” table.

More Project Details included in Schedule Emails & Notifications – Update

  • The client and contract name has been added to all internal notifications – these include Task Accepted, Task Declined, Task Reschedule Requested, and Task Sign Off Requested internal/inbound emails.
  • The contract name has been added to all external notifications – these are the Schedule Activated, Daily Briefing, Task Updated, Task Reminder, Task Reschedule Accepted, Task Reschedule Declined, Task Sign Off Accepted, and Task Sign Off Declined emails.

Checklist improvements – Update

  • Drag and drop functionality has been added to checklist items.
  • The look and feel of managing checklists has also been updated.

Gantt Chart for Contractor’s “My Tasks” Page – Update

  • A Task gantt has been added to the contractor’s “My Tasks” page.

Allow users to provide only cost center code when uploading financial documents – Rave Financial Update

  • When uploading Quotes, PO, Bills, Product Inventory through CSV, users can now do so by only adding the cost center codes, instead of having to add the cost center codes with names.

Branch User ‘Tender’ Folder AccessRave Financial Update

The “Tender” folder in the project files section will be displayed to branch users based on the following scenarios:

  • If a branch doesn’t have RAVE’s Financial Management Module – the Tender folder is visible to all branch users
  • If a branch does have RAVE’s Financial Management Module – the Tender folder is only visible to those branch users with the Finance permission 

Show Approved Quotes rather than Estimated Quotes on Financial Reports – Rave Financial Update

  • We now use accepted quotes, instead of estimated quotes, for our profitability and back costing reports.

Improve Variation Logic for Locked Estimates – Rave Financial Update

  • Quotes will be reclassified as variations, only when data is changed in the line items table, will quotes be reclassified as variations. Otherwise, changes in the supplier, category, quote request, expiry, scope of works, inclusions/exclusions and attachments will not reclassify it as such.

Export back costing page as a PDF – Rave Financial Update

  • The back costing page can now be exported as a PDF.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163