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Project Audit Trail Updates

A very useful, yet rarely mentioned feature of Rave Build’s project management system, is the Audit Trail functionality. The comprehensive history of a project provided by RAVE’s Audit Trail is only available to branch office staff, providing clarity and certainty on project actions – and the ability to settle minor disputes internally and with your contractors/suppliers like never before. In this latest run of updates, we’ve upgraded the Project Audit Trail in a multitude of ways, with some more updates to come next month, and this blog will run through the changes.

  • The improvements we’ve made begin with some fine tuning that results in much faster loading times – meaning you can access and then navigate through the Audit Trail with greater efficiency.  
  • You’ll find easier search field access, just click in the search field and go!  
  • With more Record Content – the Project Trail now includes project messaging sent and received.  
  • We’ve made some tweaks to provide improved record detail i.e. previously, logs sometimes displayed the Project’s RAVE ID, instead of the Project Number, and a user’s RAVE ID, instead of their name.
  • And finally, there are more record entries (via rows) displayed per page too which means you have even more information at your fingertips.

And our Audit Trail development doesn’t stop there – in next months system update, we will see further schedule + advanced schedule related improvements, including:

  • Recording a schedule template name loaded, by whom and when
  • Changing the schedule mode between Classic and Advanced
  • Adding holidays to the project
  • Changing the client’s schedule visibility settings
  • Changing your contractor’s schedule visibility settings
  • Deleting a schedule from a project

The faster loading speed, plus improved audit trail descriptions and more record types are available for you to access right now – with even more advanced scheduling entry updates due out early next month!