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General Update – 10 November

An easier way to change a project’s client – Update

You can now reassign a project to another client (and change the ‘Primary Client’ in the project’s ‘People’ sub-tab) by changing the ‘Project Client’ in the Project Overview’s Project Details.

1. From the Projects Overview sub-tab, click on the Project Details ‘Edit’ button.
2. Go to the ‘Project Client’ drop-down, select the new client to reassign the project to, and click Save

Note: There are two instances in which the ‘Project Client’ dropdown will be ‘locked out’ for changing – the fix for these are detailed in this RAVE Help article.

Expected new lead close date customisation – Update

  • Previously, we set the default expected ‘WON’ closed date on a build to 6 months, but this can now be customised for the Clients who want to set up a custom expected close date for their business. A new setting has been added under Branch Settings / Client Settings / Expected close date.  Based on this setting, when new leads are added, the default expected close date is set to 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Sub Opportunity column added to lost clients report – Update

  • We’ve added the Sub Opportunity column to the Lost Clients table to improve Lost Client reporting.

Sorting functionality added to project files – Update

  • Project files can now be sorted by name, owner, date, or latest version.
  • Everyone including contractors and clients can sort the files they have access to.
  • The files will be sorted by date/latest files by default.

Allow users to create Checklist Templates – Update

  • Users can now create Checklist Templates from the Site/Build/Templates sub tab.

Message Actions Recorded in the Audit Trail – Update

  • Project messaging is now recorded in a project’s audit trail.

Extra Fields added to the Site/Build CSV Export – Update

The Following fields have been added to the Site/Build / Custom export report

  • Client Salesperson 
  • Client Phone 
  • Client Mobile 
  • Client After Hours Phone

Task assignee missing from the schedule calendar task detail pop-up – Fix

  • The primary assignee is now displayed on the schedule calendar task detail pop-up.

Accounts Notification Settings Tab – Update

  • A new settings page “Account Notifications” has been added to the user profile dropdown menu under Notification Centre. Users can now select whether the branch is to send notifications to the accounts email when the following actions occur: 
  • There is a change of Build Type 
  • When adding a Contract Price 
  • When the Contract Price has been updated
  • When a Progress Payment has been requested
  • When a Progress Payment amount has been changed

Increase the field size for Purchase Order delivery phone number details – Rave Financial Fix

  • Previously, we had a limit of 32 characters for the Delivery Phone attribute on purchase orders – the delivery phone number was being cut off when printing the purchase order.
  • The limit has now been increased to 50 characters.

Enforce Signed Contract Validation – Rave Update

  • Signed Contract Price validation is now provided  when users change a client/build opportunity to “won”  i.e. in these instances RAVE will now only accept anything greater than $0. 

Unify information shown when creating an order based on another order – Rave Financial Update

  • When creating orders based on other orders (e.g. bills from quotes), the supplier name & category are now displayed.

A Bills ‘Due Date’ default is now set to Net 20 EOM – Rave Financial Update

  • When adding a bill, the default due date is now set as Net 20 EOM (the 20th of next month).

Allow users to select the Paid Date when marking Bills as paid – Rave Financial Update

  • Users can now select the amount and the paid date – when marking bills as paid from the ‘Bills In’ page.

Let users select Supplier Credit notes when creating Client Invoices – Rave Financial Update

  • Currently, we only let users select Bills when creating Client Invoices, this is now extended to select Credit Notes as well. When a Bill/Credit Note is selected, based on the total of the Credit Notes & Bills, RAVE generates a Client Invoice if it is a positive, otherwise we generate a Credit Note.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163