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General Update – 24 November

RAVE Audit Trail – Update

Following on from our previous update earlier this month, the following actions are now recorded in the project audit trail

  • Loading a schedule template
  • Deleting a schedule template
  • Adding holidays to a schedule
  • Changing the client’s schedule visibility settings
  • Changing a contractor’s schedule visibility setting
  • Changing the schedule mode between Classic and Advanced
  • Whenever purchase orders and bills are uploaded via a csv file

Allow users to Pin Client Profile and Site/Build notes – Update

  • Users can now Pin Client Profile and Site/Build notes – so they appear at the top of the notes section.  Multiple pinned notes will be ordered by the most recent note(s) first.

Project Peoples tab ‘Remove Client’ description – Update

  • The Project Peoples tab ‘Remove Client’ wording has been changed to ‘You can change this by editing the ‘Project Client’ via the Project Overview/Project Details Form’.

Site Staff Access to Project Files Folders – Update

  • Site Staff access to project files folders has been restricted to those folders with a viewable by all permission i.e. Plan and Specs, Images, Variation (plan variations), and Others.

Colour Code Checklist To Do items – Update

  • Checklist todo items can now be highlighted in colour.

Add Day Letters to the Daily Schedule Gantt Chart – Update

  • Day of the week initial cap letters are now displayed at the top of the daily project gantt charts.

Schedule Action ‘Delete’ option – Update

  • The project schedule ‘delete’ action has been renamed as ‘Delete Schedule’

Print & Export Schedule and Checklist Templates – Update

  • Schedule and Checklist templates can now be printed, and/or exported as CSV files

Allow users to select which columns are shown when printing Schedules – Update

  • Users can now select which columns they want included when printing schedules

Fix workflow around task acceptance – Update

  • We have added a validation step to the contractor ‘Accept or Decline Tasks’ process – so now, as long as this switch is turned on before the schedule is ‘Activated’ – all tasks will have the status of ‘assigned’ and not ‘accepted’.

Changes to the Gantt & Baseline Shift chart’s print pop up – Update

  • The print gantt pop up wording has changed to Print Schedule Gantt Chart and Print Schedule Baseline Shift

Key tasks are now saved in Schedule templates – Update

  • Key tasks are included (saved) to Schedule templates, and will now be included when that Schedule template is loaded.

Today Marker added to the FTE Gantt – Update

  • RAVE’s Today marker has been added to the Site/Build > Build Overview > Full Time Equivalent gantt chart.

Branch conversion report – Update

  • The new columns ‘10%→WON’ and ‘10%→LOST’ have been added to the Conversion Averages report

RAVE 403/404 Error Page – Update

  • The 403 and 404 error pages have been updated with a more user friendly look, and a note to explain why the page is not loading

Contractor Dashboard Schedule Tasks Table – Update

  • Contractors will now see all ‘Schedule Tasks’ they are allocated to, via their login Homepage, whether they are the primary or secondary assignee.

RAVE Financial Management System display – RAVE Financial Update

  • We have updated the look, and some of the wording of the Quote Request, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Bills In and Credit Notes pages – to ensure consistency and improve RAVE’s FMS’s actions and ease of use

Changes on ‘QUOTE REQUESTS’ page

  • The ‘Create a Quote Request’ page’s title has changed to ‘Quote Request – {project_name}’
  • The ‘Create a Quote Request’ button now reads as ‘Add a Quote Request’
  • The ‘Create & Send’ button has now been split up as ‘Save as Pending’ and ‘Send’
  • On the Quote Request edit page, the ‘Create & Send’ button has changed to ‘Save Changes’
  • And, if the Quote Request has not yet been sent to the supplier, the action button will now read as ‘Send’

Changes to the ‘QUOTES & PRICES’ page

  • The ‘Quotes & Prices’ page title and tab now reads as ‘Quotes’
  • The ‘Add Quote/Price’ button has changed to ‘Add a Quote’
  • When adding a quote, you can now ‘Save as Pending’ or ‘Approve & Add to Estimate’
  • The Quotes edit page buttons have changed from ‘Add Quote/Price’ to ‘Save Changes’ and ‘Add to Estimate’ 
  • And the ‘Add Variation Quote or Price’ button now reads as ‘Add a Variation Quote’

Changes to the ‘PURCHASE ORDERS’ page

  • The ‘Create a Purchase Order…’ page title and tab now reads as ‘Add a Purchase Order…’
  • When creating a new PO, you can now ‘Save as Pending’
  • And, when editing an existing PO you will now ‘Save Changes’ instead of making an ‘Update’

Changes to the ‘ADD BILL’ page

  • The ‘Add Bill’ page title has changed to ‘Add a Bill – {project_name}’
  • And, when creating a new Bill, or editing an existing Bill, you can now ‘Add Bill’, or ‘Save as Draft’

Changes to the ‘ADD A CREDIT NOTE’ page

  • New terminology and consistency applied to the ‘Credit Notes’ page, means that instead of an ‘Add Credit Note’ button, you will now ‘Add a Supplier Credit Note’ or ‘Create a Client Invoice/Credit Note’.
  • Within the ‘Add a Supplier Credit Note’ you will either ‘Add Credit Note or ‘Save as Draft’.

Allow users to properly create cost centers without Xero – Rave Financial Update

  • Previously, users could only add cost centre names manually – users can now add both the cost centre name and code.

Generate PDF for approved variations – Rave Financial Update

  • Once the client has accepted a variation, it can now be downloaded as a PDF for them to print

Add Totals to Quote Creation/Editing/Show Pages – RAVE Financial Update

  • The ‘Total (Excl. GST & incl. Markup)’ and ‘Total (Icl. GST & incl. Markup) have now been added to the totals section on the Quote Create, Edit and Show pages