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General Update – 26 January

User Login ‘timed out’ improvement – Update

  • If a user gets logged out for any reason, when they sign back in, they will be redirected to the last page they were on before being logged out

Ability to Remove Additional Client Contact Details – Update

  • Users can now remove additional contact details when editing a client.

New error message when trying to change the Primary Project Client – Update

When trying to change the project client on the edit build page, we now display a message saying “This client has already been added to the peoples tab. If you want to make them the primary client – please remove the client there and try again.”

The project Variation Folder has been renamed Plan Variations – Update

  • The “Variations” folder across all branches/projects has been renamed to “Plan Variations”  – this is a small update to help remind you, not to add ‘Financial Variations’ here.

‘ADD NEW FOLDER’ modal and access permission improvements – Update 

We’ve made some improvements to how we manage the Project File’s ‘Add New Folder’ process:
– We’ve added in new Site Manager and Site Staff access permissions
– And updated the pop-up modal to simplify the Site Staff, Site Manager, Client and Contractor view, and upload and view permissions

File Sub Folder improvements – Update

We’ve made some more improvements to how we manage and display File Sub Folders:

  • Previously when creating a sub-folder, it is given the same permissions as that of the parent folder.  On updating the parent folder permissions, the sub-folder permissions were not updated. This is now fixed to match the same access permissions of the parent folder
  • Sub Folders are now indented, and display as a new folder icon, to further differentiate them from the parent folders.

Changing the task end date adjusts the task duration – Update

  • Previously, when a branch user adjusts a task’s END DATE in a schedule, the start date would move.  Now the start date will remain the same, and the task duration will change.  

New add schedule Baseline Start/End Dates feature – Update

We now allow users to set custom schedule baseline start and end dates.  When this feature is set in a project, RAVE will challenge any task date changes outside of the baseline start and end dates i.e.

  • If the task date change fits within the baseline’s existing bounds, you may carry on as usual
  • If the task date does not fit within the baseline’s existing bounds, we’ll display a “Change Baseline Date” confirmation modal
    – if the user clicks “Change Date”, we make the change, and update the baseline accordingly
    – if the user clicks “Cancel”, we close the confirmation modal, but leave the task modal up, and let the user continue to edit the task as required

Improved file & photo User Experience on checklists – Update

  • Users can now edit comments and photos that have been added on checklist to-do items. 
  • Note: Only the Branch Owner will be able to edit and delete other user comments and files (every action is recorded in the audit trail). Other users like Branch Staff, Clients, Contractors, Site Staff, and Site managers will be able to edit and delete their own comments and files.

Allow users to view & manage Message Templates – Update

  • A new “Message Templates” section has been added under Site/build / Templates, to display message templates.  A new “Type” column has also been added to show whether it is a Branch wide or User template.

Note: Branch templates can be edited by the Branch owner(s) only.  Non-branch owner branch users can only edit their own templates.

Improved file name referencing when uploading files to Client minutes – Update

  • Now the filename is displayed when a file is added to the client minutes and client profile notes.

Progress Payment Forecasting report – New Feature

  • A new BRANCH LEVEL forecasting report that connects data from the schedule & progress payments called “Progress Payment Forecast” has been added.
  • Available from Site/Build / Progress Payment / Progress Payment Forecast.

Removal of the “No Due Date” progress payment request option – Update

  • Previously, we offered a “No Due Date” option when requesting progress payments, this option has been removed.

Due date options added to Schedule Progress Payments requests – Update

  • Users can now choose from a selection of progress payment due dates when allocating payment requests to scheduled tasks.

Variations Accepted and Declined added to project Audit Trail events – Update

  • The following details are now recorded in the projects audit trail:
    • Whenever a Client or Branch user accepts or declines a variation
    • Whenever a Client deletes an attachment on a variation 

“Hide Closed Projects” filter has been added to Timesheets Reports – Update

  • A new Timesheets “Hide Closed Projects” tick box will remove Closed Builds from the Timesheet reports.

Improved management of Mailchimp clients with incomplete addresses – Update

  • This update means that any client profile with no address or an invalid address, will still be sent to Mailchimp.

Improved Financial Management System Audit Trail entries – Rave Financial Update

  • Now when a quote is ‘added to estimate’/’approved’, it is recorded in the project Audit Trail as “Quote accepted” and/or “Quote added to estimate”

Allow users to reorder line items in financial documents – Rave Financial Update

  • Line items in all financial documents (Purchase Orders, Bills, Quotes, Invoices and credit notes) can now be reordered.

Estimate proposal Business Address – Rave Financial Fix

  • The business address now displays correctly on estimate proposals

Fix date sorting on Bills Table – Rave Financial Fix

Issue : Previously Bills Table bills were being sorted alphabetically by the Reference No. 

Fix : The Bills Table bills are now sorted by the billed date/due date columns

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163